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What is the Law on Bribery in Florida and What are the Punishments for it?

Bribing is strictly prohibited in across the world. It is considered to be a serious criminal offense in Florida. You might face long term imprisonment and pay a huge penalty. In case you are accused and framed against bribery charges, contact an experienced defense solicitor immediately.

What Do You Mean By Bribery?

Bribery can be defined as an illicit act wherein you to try to persuade someone to do a favor for you by giving them money, gifts, or valuables. It is an offer made to an individual in public or in an office so as to influence his official and

personal public responsibilities. The act of bribing is not only applicable to commoners but to government employees too.

What is the Punishment for Bribery?

In Florida laws relating to bribery are very severe. You could face imprisonment of 15 years and will be liable to deposit a hefty penalty. Also, you could be convicted for a second-degree criminal offense. In Florida, Second-degree offenses like Bribery fall under the Statute of § 838.015.

Florida Bribery Law

What are Third Degree and First Degree Offences?

Additionally, third-degree offenses are applicable in case you are found guilty of physical abuse and intimidation of a public servant. Such kind offenses are punishable under the statute of Fla. Stat. Ann §838.022. You will be awarded a maximum jail term of 5 years and a penalty of $5,000. On the contrary, first degree offenses include exploitation of confidential information. The statute applicable is Fla. Stat. Ann §839.026. Under these kinds of offenses, you are likely to get a jail term of 12 months or below.

Moreover, Florida also has set strict laws against the members of parliament, public servants and officials for violating Code of ethics. They are likely to face punishment by suspension or acquittal from official duties, warning, compensation, surrender part of their earnings for 6 to 12 months, a fine of $10,000.

Effects of Bribery in Florida

Bribery has taken a toll on the people of Florida. The recent restructuring and reforms have failed to gain the trust of the people towards their leaders. Public servants are not serving their best to the people of Florida and are following the path of corruption and bribery.

It will be also wrong to say that all the public officials are dishonest. Some good officials do exist in every department of public service. Therefore, such officials should be encouraged to serve as role models for serving the public. Along with them government agencies and non-profit organizations can contribute towards eliminating criminal offenses such as bribery.

Bribery Law Florida

Modern-day terms like public and political corruption have gained a lot of popularity among the people. Basically, Public Corruption means an abuse of public roles and responsibilities or resources through political influence by public or private parties. But political corruption is one where a political leader is dishonest towards fulfilling his official duties in exchange for certain favors. As a result, many public and political scams and frauds are taking place.

Instances like bribery, treachery, extortion, discrimination, shares are attracting negativity to the government officials of Florida. Anti-Corruption laws of Florida have noted important facts pointing towards rising in the public corruption incidents. They are listed below:

  • The government officials or political leaders are forbidden from punishment in case of scandals or scams relating to bribery.
  • Immediate criminal charges are not being imposed on accused
  • The punishments or penalty given to the accused are not strict
  • The prosecution finds difficult to prove the charges.
  • Political influence allows the defendant to tamper with the evidence and witness.

Bribery is a serious criminal offense in Florida. It can have a severe effect on an individual’s reputation as well as state affairs.  After going through the rough phase, the Florida legislature has come with new reforms. These measures were undertaken to improve the economy of the state. Strict rules and regulations are being developed in order to eliminate offenses like corruption and bribery.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!