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How to Obtain a Free Background Check in the State of Florida?

With the progress and advancement of nations and societies, a new wave of insecurity has gripped the minds of people. Crimes as a result of mistrust, cheating, and prejudices have been increasing at an alarming rate. Safety and security have become top priorities, and it’s not possible to compromise on trust and integrity at the workplace. Better to be safe and secure rather than be sorry; hence background checks are mandatory as per law. Background checks are necessary for various purposes by employers and other institutional purposes. They are managed and controlled by federal and state laws.

All states in the US are mandated by different compliance and regulatory Acts for which the protocol and procedures vary amongst member states of the Union.

Background checks in Florida are legally managed and controlled by various state laws. They are not free and are available at a price.

Institution and Fee:

  • A name-based background check can be obtained from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for a fee of $24, plus an extra charge of $1 as a card processing fee.
Free Background Check Florida

If an applicant seeks a certified/ non-certified copy of the report; it can be sent via postal mail to his/ her residential address- it costs $24. Such requests to receive via postal mail must be addressed to the FDLE.

  • Fingerprinted background checks are available with only a few professional organizations.


  • FDLE ( Florida Department of Law Enforcement ):

This agency is a central repository for all the state’s criminal info viz., arrests, incarcerations, and court records.

  • Florida Courts:

are responsible for all court records- manual and electronic.

  • Florida- Department of Health:

This agency maintains all vital records e.g., records related to marriage, divorce, death, etc

Employment background checks:

Employers are allowed to apply for a job applicant’s criminal history checks, but only after the first interview.

Employers are mandated to comply with federal laws as laid down by the EEOC ( Equal Employment Office Commission).

State Employment:

All public employees must undergo background checks managed by the Clearing House System. This system is linked to SEVEN various agencies within the state.

Foster Parents:

It’s mandatory for foster parents to go through state and federal background checks.

Hospital Staff:

Unlicensed staff are expected to g through a Level-2 check, which comprises of FOUR categories of info viz., sex offender status, state prison info (if any), etc

Free Background Check Florida

Arrest Record Check

Details are contained as follows:

  • Warrants: individuals who are keen to find out if they have a warrant- must approach local enforcement agency to check for outstanding warrants (if any)
  • DUI: will show up in the background check.
  • Drugs/ Marijuana: record shows details viz., minimum/ maximum sentence, the quantity of substance, sales/ production, etc Failed drug tests are not included.
  • Sex offender: all sex-related crimes will show up in the background check.
  • Mugshots: not included in the check report, but can be released at discretion.
  • Juvenile: yes, this will be included in the background check report too.

Financial Record Check

Certain jobs of a sensitive nature will require to pass through a background check to verify details from Consumer Reporting Agency i.e., Consumer Protection Financial Bureau. These agencies are experts in compiling info on bankruptcies, employment track, loans availed, evictions, delinquencies, etc


In modern times, laws of governance are changing at a rapid pace. It is in the interest of residents to stay aware of their rights and live within the framework of the law. Ignorance of the law is no longer an excuse in this era of information and technology.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!