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How to Perform a Free Texas Background Check?
Opting for a background check when you choose your roommate, rent your apartment, go for a date, hire someone in your company or simply for safety reasons seems to always be a good idea. You could also want to run a background check for yourself in order to verify the information people may have access to.

Nowadays, it becomes a habit and many websites offer a monthly subscription that enables you to run unlimited background checks. These subscriptions have their monthly price as well! You may be looking for a way to run a free background check in Texas. We'll help you run a free background check in Texas!

What Data Can I Search?

Background checks can give you access to an extensive range of information, such as background and criminal history; vital records meaning birth, marriage and death certificate; education; employment history; civil records; sex offenders; social medias search, contact information, etc.

The Texas Public Sex Offender Website

The Texas Department of Public Safety has created a website especially to allow Texans public access to sex offender registration. Sex offenders must register, which means that this database is often updated as they have to register every 90 days. You can then lookup for any sex offenders around your home, workplace, children's schools, etc. This service is free, accurate and very easy to use! All you have to do is write your address or the address you want to check on the search engine of the Texas Public Sex Offender Website and a map will open detailing and positioning all registered sex offenders such as on the picture below.

sex offenders texas

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice offers an online service meant for protecting Texans. All offenders who is currently incarcerated are registered on the official website. All information is believed to be accurate. A search form indicates to specify one or more of these fields: Last Name, First Name, TDCJ Number, SID Number, Gender, Race. If you enter a family name, you'll also have to indicate the first letter of the first name.

Once you have found the person you were looking for, you'll have a complete list of details such as name, race, gender, maximum sentence date, current facility, projected release date, offender visitation eligibility, parole eligibility date, offense history details with date, nature, sentence date, county, case number, and sentences. Below an example of a Texan offender, Gilbert Nunez.

Free Background Check Texas

Court of Criminal Appeals 

The Court of criminal appeals of Texas gives you access to case and documents from all courts of Texas or select the court to be searched. You can select either civil or criminal cases, select a period of time, search with case number or reference, or simply right a name in the case "Style", you'll then have a full list of civil or criminal cases related to that name. Once you have found what you were looking for, or simply discover a case, you'll be able to read all information related to the case or document: general information; appellate briefs; case events; calendars; parties; trial court information, etc. All this information is available for free on the dedicated website page of the Texas Judicial branch.

Texas Free Background check

By the official website of the county that is concerned

The state of Texas has 254 counties, meaning that searching by county can be rather tedious unless you know exactly where the person lives or you want to run a background check for yourself and closes relatives. In this case, you can simply write the name of the county + public records. We'll here take the example of the county of Bexar. After a quick search, you'll arrive on the Public Record Searches of the county of Bexar. Just click the link Official Records Search, and you'll then be able to search into all Official Records that contains:
  • Assumed Names
  • Commissioners Court
  • Foreclosures
  • Land Records
  • Marks and Brands
  • Marriage
  • Miscellaneous
  • Personal Property
  • Plats
  • Public Notice
  • Spanish Archives
Texas Background Check
Select the type of search you want to run among the list below and write a key-word such as a family name. Then, a list of results will appear, you will be able to select the exact public record you are looking for. The document will open, you will be able to zoom and read all the information. Once you have found the record that you're interested in, place it in your cart and download it for free!

Free Texas Background check

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!