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How to Get a Full Background Check Report

We live in an information age where we have virtually every piece of data right at our fingertips. Most people in America today have a home computer, a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, or all four together, and these means can be used to gather information about any subject we desire. Aside from data about various subjects, such as science, the news, politics, etc., we can also use the internet to find data about people from all over the world. Search engines, such as Google, and social media websites, like Facebook, have given us the opportunity to meet people and stay in touch with them.

These means also allow us to get to know people for romantic purposes, business purposes, friendship, and any other purpose. Unfortunately, the internet also allows scammers of all kinds to find their victims by lying about who they are. So, how can we protect ourselves from those who mean to cause us harm? How can we avoid online scammers, as well as real-life scammers? The way to do so is by using the internet to find credible information about people by performing a thorough background check and getting a full background check report on people we have questions about.

Full Background Check
How are Background Checks Reports Compiled?

These days there are two main types of background check – employee background checks, also known as criminal background checks, and personal background checks. The first type is performed by employers as part of a job screening process; whenever people apply for certain positions, like ones that involve finances, they are likely to undergo a criminal background check. During this check, the applicants are asked to sign a consent form that allows employers to run a background check report.  

When such a form is filled out, employers usually send it to a third-party company that performs criminal background checks. Most employers in the US focus on candidates' education, career experience, and criminal record. Once the check is complete, employers receive a full background check report that includes data about candidates. These types of checks are very common, and they are performed in the US on a regular basis. There are also personal background checks that any person can perform, and here is how you can get the data is such reports.

Personal Background Checks

The second most common type of background checks is personal background checks that are performed based on public records. If, for instance, you want to get a full criminal background check report on a certain person, you can do so by performing a public record check. What are public records? Simply put, they are personal records that are available to the public; during the course of a US resident's life, official authorities in each state collect important data about them, like their birth date, marriage information, divorce recordings, financial status, criminal records, arrest records, sexual offenses, and much more.

Free Full Background Check Report
All this data is entered to special records that are maintained by authorities in each state. There are certain personal records that become available to the public, and they are called "public records." People can access these records and find accurate information about others that have been gathered by official authorities. To get the data, you will need to contact the authorities that maintain the personal public records you are searching for. Afterward, you will need to pay a search and certified copy fee (fees vary from state to state).

In some cases, you will also need to fill out a request form to get access to the public records you are searching for. After anywhere from several days to several weeks, you will get copies of the records you requested, meaning you will be able to compile a full background check report on people you want to know more about. You can perform an easier search by using an online background check directory, like the one available to you right here on GoLookUp.

Quick and Full Background Check Report with GoLookUp

If there are certain people you meet and cannot be certain what their intentions are, you can use the full background check report service available to you on GoLookUp. How can you find reliable information about people with GoLookUp? Easily! All you have to do is enter their name into the website's directory available to you at all times. After you enter the name, GoLookUp will scan all the public records registered to the said name, and provide you with a full background check report.

best background check
The report will include all the information available on the person you are searching for, including a detailed criminal history, arrest records, real name, aliases, mugshots, scams, sex offender registry, contact information, marital status and much more. The information provided by GoLookUp can help you find out who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you about their past; if, for instance, you meet someone on an online dating app, you can find out if the picture they posted is real, and if they told the truth about their marital status and other details about their lives.

To make sure you are safe, GoLookUp operates an advanced security system that prevents data breaches and stops other people from getting their hands on your information. The website's 24/7 customer support service allows you to ask any questions you may have, and get around the clock assistance with any issues.

Finding credible data about people can be very difficult these days, but with GoLookUp's full background check reports, you can get accurate information about any person you desire and be certain that you find the truth about anyone.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!