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How to Obtain a Free Background Check in the State of Georgia?

With the progress and advancement of nations and societies, a new wave of insecurity has gripped the minds of people. Crimes as a result of mistrust, cheating, and prejudices have been increasing at an alarming rate. Safety and security have become top priorities, and it’s not possible to compromise on trust and integrity at the workplace. Better to be safe and secure rather than be sorry; hence background checks are mandatory as per law. Background checks are necessary for various purposes by employers and other institutional purposes. They are managed and controlled by federal and state laws.

All states in the US are mandated by different compliance and regulatory Acts for which the protocol and procedures vary amongst member states of the Union. Background checks in the state of Indiana are regulated by Federal law. The law specifies the manner in which public records are maintained and managed by government bodies.

In the state of Georgia, background checks are easy to obtain but they are not free. Anyone can make a personal visit to a local law enforcement agency and place a request for a self criminal background check at a nominal cost. If unable to visit in person, then it is possible to obtain an online background check (Georgia Felon Search) record at a cost of $15.

Georgia Free Background Check

According to a portal- the Georgia Bureau of Investigation ( ), any resident member of the State of Georgia can do an online background check on anyone by visiting the Georgia Felon Search site: at $15 per record. There is no permission required whatsoever.

To obtain a criminal record from a different state other than Georgia, it is possible through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation ( ).

Resident citizens/ members of the state of Georgia are permitted to access government records as per the Georgia Open Records Act/ Records for public inspection include:

  • Criminal Records-
  • Court Records-
  • Vital Records-

How to obtain a background check record:

To obtain an unofficial copy of criminal history, Individuals may visit a local law enforcement agency and inquire about it. Whereas, official records can be obtained via Georgia Applicant Processing Service only after verification of fingerprints and payment of a fee.

Employers who are keen to obtain a copy of the applicant’s criminal record must approach the Georgia Crime Information Center with the prior consent of the applicant.

What do the records contain:

Arrest records contain info on:

  • Date of arrest / Arresting agency / Charges
  • Conclusion of a court case / Incarceration details

Identification details:

  • Mugshot / Name / Date of Birth / Place of Birth /
  • Gender/ SSN (Social Security Number)/ Gender
  • Ethnic origin/ Race/ Height/ Weight

Criminal records available to public:

  • Arrest Warrants / DUI of Alcohol /
  • Drug use/ possession and consumption
  • Domestic violence/ Heinous crime/ Sex offence
Free Background Check Georgia

If the information on the background report is found to have errors, the individual
must approach/ visit the below address and request for rectification of record:

Georgia Crime Information Center, PO Box 370808, Decatur, Georgia 30037- 0808

Request for changes must be submitted with a covering letter [on an official letterhead].

Some other valuable tips and info:

Financial info:

Certain jobs of a sensitive nature will require to pass through a background check to verify details from Consumer Reporting Agency i.e., Consumer Protection Financial Bureau. These agencies are experts in compiling info on bankruptcies, employment track, loans availed, evictions, delinquencies, etc


Driving record:

Copy of vehicle report can be had from the website:

The report contains info on ticket violations, misdemeanors, and other felony driving violations.

It's important to be aware of the law and live within the framework of the law. Therefore, every resident needs to be cautious because there are changes to the Act and rules that happen quite often.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!