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Georgia Gun Law: What are Gun Laws in the State of Georgia

Gun Laws have always been a controversial subject. However, it is essential to understand the laws if you want to get one yourself. Below are all the state laws and details you need to know to avoid getting penalized for breaking the law.

Requirements for a concealed carry license in Georgia

The Georgia law requires that the person applying for the license be at least 21 years of age. Only members of the military are allowed to get a license when they are 18. The application needs to be filed in the Probate court of the county of residence, and all requests are usually handled on a county level. You need to be a resident of the county in which you file for the application. You also have to be a US citizen or a lawful alien. Your weapons license has not been revoked in the past three years.

There is no license required if you want to carry a gun in your own home, place of the business, car, or while hunting and fishing although you need to apply for a license if you intend to carry the forearm outside the property. In the case of carrying the gun while hunting a current hunting license should be enough to allow you to bring the weapon outside the property.

Georgia Gun Law

  • You will be guilty of a misdemeanor if you
  • Do not have a current hunting or firearm license when the gun is carried outside your property.
  • Intentionally point or aim the firearm at another person without legal justification, irrespective of if the gun or pistol is loaded.
  • Fire a pistol or gun within 50 yards of a public street or highway without any legal justification.
  • Discharge a firearm under the influence of intoxication.
  • Fire a pistol or fun on private property without the approval of the property owner.
  • Use the weapon is a way that will endanger the safety of another person while hunting. In this case, your license will have to be forfeited while the case is pending, and you may need to file for a temporary hunting license.
  • It is considered a felony if you
  • Give a minor a firearm for illegal purposes. You can be filed up to $5000 or have to serve a three- to five-year sentence for this offense.
  • Persuade or solicit with a dealer to give the firearm to someone who is not the actual buyer.
  • If you deliberately try to alter or counterfeit a weapon carry license or be found with a counterfeit or altered weapon carry license. This offense results in a one- to a five-year prison sentence.
Georgia Gun Laws

There are also a few places in which carrying a concealed weapon is off limits:
  • In the school bus
  • At a school function
  • In a school safety zone, i.e., a building or property that is leased or owned by any private or public elementary, secondary, vocational, or technical school, a college, university, or post-secondary education institutes.
  • Secured airport area
  • In a courthouse
  • A government building that is restricted by security personnel
  • A church or any other place of worship
  • In prison or jail
  • In any state mental health facility
  • On the premises of a nuclear power facility
  • Within 150 feet of a polling place during the elections

Alternatively, any place where it is illegal to carry a firearm according to the federal law.

When can a minor carry a firearm in Georgia?

Minors are only allowed to carry a firearm in cases where they are undergoing hunter education and firearm safety courses. They can also use it for target shooting practice or if they are participating in a competition that involves a performance which uses a firearm.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!