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What is the Law on Bribery in Hawaii and
What are the Punishments for it?

Bribery is a kind of criminal charge which attracts an individual easily. The charges for bribery can decline anyone’s career in the public sector office, cause harmful effects on the goodwill of business owners and if anyone is convicted, it would lead to imprisonment and bankruptcy. There are many cases which are related to public interests where federal statues accept bribery. The charges are very stern.

What is the Law on Bribery in Hawaii?

There are several conditions when an individual in Hawaii is charged with the offense of bribery and these conditions are as follows.

  • If an individual offers or confers or agrees to confer any financial benefit directly or indirectly upon a public servant, then he or she wants to influence intentionally the public servant’s opinion, vote, exercising of discretion, judgment or other actions within the official capacity of the public servant. On the other hand, if a public servant personally accepts, solicits or agrees to take any financial benefits directly or indirectly then, he or she as a public servant, intentionally influence the person’s opinion, vote, the exercise of discretion, judgment or the other actions. These cases are determined within the court whether these bribes were taken to achieve favorable influence.
hawaii bribery law
  • A judge taking money to dole out a less important sentence is called bribery, as he or she offers public official gifts for accepting a contractor bid. Sometimes, valuable things or stations or money are offered to or taken by public officials in exchange to get through official channels. It is accepted as bribery.
  • As an appraiser, if an agent or agent in charge of employment accepts, solicits or agrees to take any benefit directly or indirectly from another person intentionally, an appraiser is influenced within the appraisal, selection or criticism. If an agent is influenced to work contrary to a duty to which he or she is subjected or an agent in charge of employment is influenced for exercising of his or her power or discretion for hiring someone or keeping someone in employment or suspending someone from the job, it is termed as bribery.

All the above-mentioned condition of bribery is considered a class B felony. When an individual pays, offers or give,
directly or indirectly, to any employee, officer or inspector of the State, authorized to do the duties according to the board’s rules, any money or the other valuable things intentionally to influence the employee, other officers or the inspectors of the State, due to the discharge of any duty will be considered an offense of bribery with a class C felony. Commercial bribery is known as a misdemeanor, except for the event where the benefit value involves over $1000 and then it will be a class C felony.

Bribery law hawaii

Punishment for bribery in Hawaii

In Hawaii, any punishable crime that involves at least one year or more imprisonment within the State is called a felony. Convicted persons for misdemeanors or less important crimes are punished by maximum one-year imprisonment within the country or local jail.

When a convicted person is charged with bribery with class B felony, he or she will be punished for a maximum 10 years imprisonment and have to pay a fine of maximum $25,000.

The least important type of felony represents class C felony. When an individual is convicted for bribery with class C felony, he or she will be punished for a maximum 5 years imprisonment and pay a fine of maximum $10,000. The minimum punishment for class C felony will be 3 years imprisonment and $5,000 fine.

If any person is accused of giving or taking bribes with any type of felony, he or she should meet to an attorney of Hawaii Criminal defense. 

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!