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In the State of Hawaii, the term background check is used to identify an individual’s Criminal Record and Protective Services Central Registry Check Standards. The Check Standards, in turn, categorize an official background check as:

“Greenlight determination” i.e. having cleared the background checks without any documented conviction or confirmation of abuse as reflected in Adult Protective Services (APS) or Child Abuse and Neglect (CA/N).
“Red light determination” i.e. having failed background checks due to documented conviction or confirmation of abuse. In this case, the applicant is also provided with the date and type of conviction and/or confirmation of abuse. A red light determination grants the subject of the background check with a right to appeal against such a determination.

The aforesaid official background check costs $8.95 with the official vendor for collecting a live scan of fingerprint and departmental fees of $68 for a comprehensive criminal record, $42 for records of FBI and Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center (HCJDC), $11 for an APS/CAN screen and $25 for processing of any appeals.

Hawaii Free Background Check
All in all, official records are relatively costlier in Hawaii as compared to other States. Furthermore, fingerprint scans mandate the consent of the subject of the record and prescribed forms notify the applicant to clarify the intended use of records. Official records are State validated records with legal standing.

Unofficial records, on the other hand, are highly vulnerable to human errors of the researcher since they are not validated by multiple government agencies before being made accessible, nor does the researcher have sufficient access to validate whether the authorities have made a mistake. Even then, certain reasons may motivate a researcher to conduct an unofficial background check for the following reasons:

  1. Lack of eligibility, authorization and/or funds to access official records.
  2. Intent to conduct the background check anonymously.
  3. Little or no legal risk, despite the liability of errors in the research.

How to better access an unofficial background check?

Studying Relevant Court Records: The information collected from court records pertaining to an individual can help curate the entire research process. For e.g., if court records suggest that an individual was neither prosecuted nor summoned for a criminal offense, one has no need to search for State inmate or sex offender records. Although, it is advisable to do a name-based check in the National Sex Offenders registry. Court Records comprise of vast archives of the extensive documents that do contain specific data of an individual’s trials and lawsuits for his/her criminal and civil offenses, family matters under judicial certification or scrutiny and driving violations.

Free Criminal Background Check Hawaii

Furthermore, court records also provide the date on the summons issued to individuals and in some cases, even notices pertaining to loan defaults and tax violations. Court records can be accessed at Hawaii State Judiciary.

A researcher can delve into the criminal history of the subject by retrieving inmate records from the State Department of Corrections. The said inmate records carry the mug shot of the subject, status of imprisonment, probation, parole or any violations thereof.

Another good source of information can be a name-based search of the Sex Offenders Registry of the State. If not, it wise to do a name-based search in the National Sex Offenders Registry. IF the individual does qualify as a sex offender, the search provides for his/her latest recorded area of residence.

An unofficial background check does not protect the researcher from the risk of being subject to the offense of identity theft.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!