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How Can I Find Out if Someone Is Married?

You meet someone new, the sparks are flying, and you start dating a person who seems perfect for you. After the initial dating glow begins fading, you start noticing that something is off and that your relationship is not quite what it's supposed to be. Many of you are familiar with this scenario that happens when meeting love interests on dating sites and in real life. Unfortunately, the reason behind some peoples' strange behavior is that they have something to hide – their marriage. If you don't want to find out that your partner is married after you fall for him/her, here is how to find out if someone is married.

Go to Google: a Google Search can Reveal a lot about Someone's Situation!

Google almighty can provide you with information about people, including whether they are married. To find this information, go to the search engine, and enter the name of the person you are searching for. Put the name in quotes, and hit "search". In seconds, you will be provided with information about the said person. However, keep in mind that you will get plenty of results, in which case you can use Google's filters to narrow down the number of results.

How to Find Out if Someone is Married

Pay Attention to Your Date's Behavior

Marriage is a pretty hard thing to hide, and many people who cheat on their spouses reveal themselves with their behavior; first of all, check the ring finger. If someone is married and wants to hide it, he/she will remove their wedding ring during dates. If you notice indentations or an uneven skin tone on your date's ring finger, it could be because it usually holds a wedding ring that's removed when they are away from their spouse.

Someone who is married will also prefer to pay in cash so there won't be credit card accounts of their dates. So, if you are going out with someone who always pays in cash, it could be a red flag indicating that they are hiding expenses from someone.

Another sign that might indicate your date is married is their daily habits; people who are in a marriage usually have to be at home at a certain time, so they can't go out on dates that last throughout the night. Single people are also on schedules, but they are more flexible, especially those who don’t have kids. So, notice if your date is pressed for time and if they try to set dates at early hours that will end early as well.

How Can I Find Out if Someone Is Married

Use Public Records Search Websites

When people get married, they have to get a marriage license in court, and the same thing goes for divorce. Court records in the United States are public records, so you can find them on public records search directories. If you are wondering how to know if someone is married, you can use a background check directory on a public records search directory, like GoLookUp. Once you enter a name into a search engine, it will scan public records and provide you with information, including marriage licenses, about the said person.

There are some cases where people lie about their identity, including their name, to hide the fact they are married. So, a name-based background check service is not helpful in these cases. To find public records in cases where people provide a false name, you can use other search directories, like a reverse phone number search, an email search, and a reverse address search – all available to you on GoLookUp.

Search Social Media Websites

Social media can reveal a great deal of information about people, like their marital status, their hobbies, and the people in their lives. So, if you don't know how to know if someone is married, you can use social media websites, like Facebook. Start by search a person by their name, and if that doesn't work, try to make a more specific search with the person's personal information, like their education, city of residence, interests, etc.

However, you should know that certain people go to great lengths to conceal their marriage. There are cheaters who set up several social media accounts to hide their marriage and real life. How to know if someone is married through social media? perform a people search. This type of search reveals how many social media profiles a person has; if you discover several accounts, you can look at them, and find out if they have an account where they post photos and memories from married life.

Quick Tips on Finding Out if Someone is Married

Notice how they behave socially

Like with many other things, single people and married people behave differently; while single people can go out whenever they want (most of the time) and meet friends, married people have less freedom to go out on a whim. So, to find out if someone is married, notice their social habits; can they go out whenever they want? Are they free after work or do they have to clear time from their schedule just to grab drinks with you? If you are going out with someone who is supposedly single but they have a very rigid schedule, it is possible they are not truly single.

One other sign of a married person when it comes to their social life is that they usually involve their love interest in their social circle. It is common that after several dates, your love interest will want to introduce you to their friends and make you a part of their lives. However, people who are married and cheat on their spouses will not act the same way; they will delay the introduction to their friends as much as possible, which makes sense; a friend can accidentally say something about the marriage or they might not be aware of the affair, to begin with. Either way, if your date does not want to introduce you to their friends and makes up excuses for why you can't meet, it can be because they have something to hide.

They have strange phone habits

The beginning of most modern-day relationships is pretty much the same – excitement, sweaty hands, and many, many texts. A lot of people do not have the time to meet up whenever they want, so they speak on the phone or text – a lot. Keeping in touch and chatting is an important part of dating as it allows people to get to know each other when they cannot meet.

So, if the person you are dating disappears, can't speak to you in their free time, or suddenly stops texting – it could be a sign they are married. People who have affairs try to hide them, so they are not always free to text the people they are dating. It is important for you to notice strange texting habits with the people you date; do they stop texting you all of a sudden? Are they unavailable in the evenings? Be alert to your date's behavior with their phone when they are with you and apart from you.

Quick Tips on Finding Out if Someone is Married
How to know if someone is married: quick tips

  • Ask directly. Asking boldly is the best way to get your answer. And pay attention to their reaction to see if it seems genuine or suspicious.
  • Look for a wedding ring tan line. An indentation or tan line on the wedding ring finger can indicate a recently removed wedding band.
  • Check out the type of car your date drives. Any signs of masculine/feminine presence? A baby seat in the back?
  • Listen to the way they talk. If they never talk about where they live or about what they do at the weekend, they might be trying to avoid the subject of their personal life.
  • Ask a lot of questions and watch out for any discrepancies in the answers.
  • Look through the person's wallet for photos of significant other or joint credit cards.
  • Check their phone to see if they saved your name in their contact details. If you are saved with a nickname instead of your real name, they might be trying to hide your existence.
  • Google their name and see what comes up.
  • Search for their name or details on social media.
  • Visit the courthouse of their place of residence for a marriage (and divorce) certificate.
  • Run public records search on GoLookUp and find out everything there is to know about that person, including relationship status, place of residence, and potential criminal history.
Cheater Red Flag

Red Flag Signs You are Dating a Cheater

  • They don’t tell you their full name.
  • They don’t give you many details about where they work or where they live. Their answers to these questions remain vague.
  • They insist on paying everything in cash. They could be avoiding records of your dates on their credit card.
  • They are constantly checking their phone, and acting secretive about its content.
  • They step out of your date and out of earshot to take a phone call.
  • They always leave at the same time, as if they have to be home at a particular hour.
  • They never want to meet at the weekend.
  • They never invite you to their house.
  • They don’t want to introduce you to their family or friends.
  • They suddenly stop returning your messages or calls for a few days then have no valid excuse for their disappearance.
  • They ask if they can call you back in 5 minutes every time you call them.
  • They end up in a conversation abruptly and unexpectedly. If it happens on a regular basis something fishy could be going on.
  • They have two phones but you know they don’t have a business phone.
  • They never want to kiss you or hold your hand in public.
  • You have a nagging feeling that something is off. Do not underestimate the power of intuition, if something does not feel right, then it probably isn’t.

Going out with someone new is always exciting but unfortunately, a lot of people lie about their marital status to cheat on their spouses. To avoid heartache, you can find out if the person you are going out with is married in several different ways before things get serious and you get emotionally invested.

Run a background check for if you think you are dating someone who is married! 

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 20, 2022
Sensitive Information!