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How to Opt Out of Background Check Websites: Remove My Information from People Search Engines

Follow this Easy Guide and Remove your Information from Major Background Check and People Search Websites

So you know all about background checks and people search engines. You are well aware that public information makes it to the web and gets compiled to an advanced background check report.

You might even have a membership and one of the larger background check websites. Hell, you might even keep your account and run unlimited searches on all your peers, friends and people you interact with.

However, you decide that you would like your information to be opt out of background check search engines and people search engines. That is totally fine and legal. All you have to do is submit a request at the desired search engine website to get your information opt out and removed.

In most cases, your first name, last name, aliases, addresses, phone numbers, arrest records, court records, and even mugshots will appear and be displayed in a search results.


Keep in mind that people who use people search engines must be in compliance and agree to FCRA rules. So they can not do much with your information. Non the less, you want to opt out and that is 100% fine.

There are many websites out there that keep your information such as,,,,, and many others.

You will have to submit a request to each of these sites individually in order to get your information removed, which essentially means you will be Opt Out of the website.

Follow this procedure to get your information removed:


  1. Go to the Website:Sample Given Here: Check People Background Check Website. 
background check opt out


2. Scroll down to the footer and find the link (all sites will have this): Remove My Information OR Opt Out


how to opt out of background check websites

Submit your information and allow about 7 days for your information to get removed. If your information appears after 7 days, feel free to call customer service and ask about your Opt Out Request.

You can also call right away, but in most cases, you will be direct to the website address in order to do this.

This is the list of Background Check websites you might want to look into when you want to opt out. 

Background Check Opt Out. 

>Check People
>Been Verified 
>White Pages 
>People Look 

These are the main Background Check Websites to Look into! 

 Every Website Would have a Different Opt Out Structure, But for the Most Part They are all the Same and Very Straight Foward: 

Truth Finder Opt Out Process
People Search Engine Opt Out
Been Verified Opt Out Process
remove my information

InstantCheckMate Opt Out Process

instantcheckmate opt out
For more information Visit Each Website Individually. 

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 16, 2020
Sensitive Information!