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Self Background Checks: How to Perform Them?

Are you planning to take a new apartment on rent or in pursuit of a new job? Then, it is almost sure that a background check should be done for you by the concerned stakeholders. In order to be ready for such a possibility, as well as, to avoid an unpleasant surprise, it makes sense to perform a proper background check procedure on yourself.

Such a check comprises compiling your personal information in order to ascertain whether you are eligible for housing or employment or not. The popularity of background checks is increasing by leaps and bounds as they are regarded as the perfect screening tools in the hands of landlords. Plus, these checks have emerged as universal tools for hiring new employees.

How to Perform Background Check on Mysel

Purpose of background checks

The exact purpose of conducting background checks can vary from case to case based on who is conducting such checks. 

Typically, employers use these checks to avoid any kind of financial loss through fraudulent activities or thefts, to avoid violating laws related to the hiring of undocumented immigrants, as well as other candidates who are not eligible for recruitment. Landlords want to be sure that their tenants have not been involved in some fraudulent or illegal activities in the past by conducting background checks. 

Advantages of conducting your own background check

  • Conducting a background check on yourself helps to quickly handle and anticipate queries, which could pop up during your house screening or an employment screening.
  • You can be equipped with a proper report, which can be shared if required as it constitutes any supplementary information apart from your history.
Self Background Check
  • You can save your money, as well as, time in comparison to spending extra to find your entire personal records individually.
  • Throws inaccuracies and errors in legal and financial records that are compiled about you so that you get an opportunity to correct them.
Background checks - what should be checked

Background checks typically have a compilation of your own personal records most of the times. It is your prerogative to see those records, correct, or dispute any inaccuracies that may exist in them. It is also possible for you to request for those records individually to preview what your background checks will project. 

Verification of SSN or Social Security Number

A background check will have the names that are associated with your Social Security Number so that your legal or marital name changes are reflected. Such information can be procured by creating a free user account for yourself at the website of Social Security Administration. 

Address history

These checks usually highlight addresses, which are associated with your SSN and name from sources like magazine subscriptions and credit card statements. Ideally, your last 7 years of residences are covered in the background checks. Such addresses can be used for cross-checking other records.

Address history
They may also partially ascertain the scope of criminal and motor vehicle checks. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that your address history does not have any mistakes in their entries. Such information can be extracted by you from any of the free directories of "white pages" available online. However, they might not be a hundred percent reliable all the time, particularly when your past movements have been frequent. 

Credit report check

It is possible for you to get a free credit report annually from all the 3 national credit bureaus individually at These credit bureaus are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. 

Criminal background check

A proper criminal fact ground search should reflect details such as probation, parole, imprisonment terms, and criminal convictions.

Driving records

Visit the state department of vehicles for procuring your driving record's copy. Alternatively, it is also possible to go online and order for your copy. In case you had procured your motor vehicle license from a different state in the previous 25 years, it is essential for you to check them too.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!