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How to Obtain a Free Background Check in the State of  Louisiana?

Official background checks are still the best way of conducting a background verification of any individual for the following reasons:

  • Official background checks provide information that is officially recorded by the State, Parish, and Local Governments. In the State of Louisiana, the State jurisdiction is divided into parishes and not counties.
  • Official copies issued by administering authorities have legal standing. All copies are admissible in court and certified copies are seen as the foremost record of any individual and thus, stated as the prescribed submission to law enforcement, social services, employers, school boards, public bodies, etc.
  • Although they cost prescribed fees, the applicant gets State aggregated and verified information without putting in time and effort on investigations.

The Louisiana Public Records Act of 1940 (amended in 1974 and 1978) permits any person who is no longer a minor i.e. achieved the age of majority of being at least 18 years of age, can access public records in Louisiana, irrespective of intended use, as long as the subject of such records is not a convicted felon.

Free Background Check Louisiana
In the case of convicted felons, consent or authorization of the felon, the reason for access and intended use of records has to be specified. These restrictions and specification of documents in the list of records exempted from unchecked retrieval and access make certain public records difficult to access for the general public. These include:

  1. Medical Records
  2. Proprietary and Financial Data
  3. Trade Secrets
  4. Security Records
  5. Employee information
  6. Records of Bar Exam
  7. Records of Law Enforcement Agencies

Steps of getting a free background check

Restrictions motivate people to do unofficial background checks and steps given below can be a good guide to do the same:

  • A researcher can start with court records. The information retrieved from court records can help a researcher define further steps of the background verification and whether they are needed at all. For e.g., if there is no record of criminal prosecution of an individual, there is no need to look into inmate records of the State and one can directly look into the National Sex Offenders registry. Court records document an individual’s criminal history, civil offenses, marriages, divorces, and driving violations. Furthermore, court records also provide a date on a summons issued to individuals and in some cases, even notices pertaining to loan defaults and tax violations. A researcher can search and collect information from Court records through the official website of the Louisiana Department of Justice.

Free Background Check Louisiana
  • If the subject of the background check is discovered to have a criminal history, then details of his/her criminal history can be retrieved from the State Department of Corrections. Inmate records can not only provide a mug shot of the person under scrutiny, but also the status of incarceration, probation, parole or charges of violating probation or parole.
  • Usually, court records can direct the researcher to conduct a name-based search of the Sex Offenders and Child Predator Registry of the State. If not, it wise to do a name-based search in the National Sex Offenders Registry as the individual under scrutiny may have a record of the same in some other State. This search also provides the latest is of residence of a sex offender and the same may be checked in the context of the said subject.
  • Now that the researcher has a photograph, legal name, gender, date of birth, court record, inmate record and or sex offender registry record, it is safe to say that the unofficial background check has served its purpose and created a reviewable profile.

All the aforesaid information put together makes for sufficient background verification but it is still vulnerable to identity theft by professional con-artists.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!