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Maine Free Background Check

The Freedom of Access Act of Maine gives the public the right to access records and copy them as they please. Additionally, agencies in Maine are required to retain documents and ensure that they are easily accessible to the public. There are various documents that you cannot readily access. You have to go through a specified process to access the records.

According to the Freedom of Access Act, what the documents cover is more important when it comes to keeping the records open or sealed from the public. Any record that is connected to public business is accessible to all. Records that the public cannot access include:
Juvenile records

  • Medical records
  • Security-related information
  • Personal information on the subject of the record
  • Records that have been sealed by law
Maine Free Background Check

Conduct a background check in Maine

You can check the background records of any person through the online portal at Background checks are available by simply entering the first and last name of the individual. The results you will get include:

  • Licenses and permits of the individuals
  • Maine's Sex Offender Registry
  • National Sex Offender Public Website
  • Officer of Inspector General's list of Excluded Entities
  • Excluded providers of Maine

Criminal Records

Criminal records are administered by the State Bureau of Police of Maine. Their search database provides you access only to crimes taken place in Maine, and not in other parts of the United States of America. Anyone can request a name-based criminal record, either with or without the consent of the subject. You will have access to both adult and juvenile criminal records. However, precautions are necessary, as you may receive the information of someone else with the same name.

Maine Criminal History Record and Juvenile Crime Information Request Service

The historical record and request service is operated by the Police department in the state of Maine. You can find records at Through the records search, you can receive the following information:

  • Information on adult crimes
  • Information on juvenile crimes
  • Information on pending cases less than a year old

You can access information through a search of the subject's name and date of birth. You will be notified if there are no records listed on the website. If you receive results, they will include the name of all individuals by the same name, their arrest history, and pending cases against them if any. You will have to pay a base fee of $21 or $31 for every record you choose to view. If you want the results to be notarized, you will have to pay another $10. The results are delivered to your email id.

If you do not find search results for a person you know has an arrest history, you may have to request a manual intervention. In such a scenario, your request can be delayed by a maximum of two weeks.

Free Criminal Background Check Maine

Background check for employment

If you are an employer in the state of Maine, you are not forbidden from asking about a potential hire's tryst with the law. Employees who are applying for jobs at the state bureau is a "direct access" worker or is a person dealing with "direct access" workers has to go through both a state-mandated fingerprint check and a federally mandated fingerprint check.

Direct access workers: These workers include those in the medical or nursing fields. They care directly for people. These workers have to undergo a fingerprint check every five years.

Credit history: Anyone applying for a job in finances has to go through a credit history check.

Driving record: As an employer, you have complete freedom to access the driving record of an individual, even if they are not applying for work related to transport.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!