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How to Obtain a Free Background Check in the State of Mississippi?

The Mississippi Public Records Act was passed in 1983. Before the Act, access to public records depended on decisions by the court. The Act currently states that "any person" has the right to access public records in the state. You do not have to specify why you require public records unless the documents are confidential or sealed.

All the records that are produced by government offices are legal for public use. This includes the executive, judicial, and legislative decisions taken by the state authority. Records that are not included in the act include:

  • Records that are termed confidential by state statutes
  • Trade and commercial secrets
  • The personal information of victims and law enforcement officials
  • Financial and commercial data that is essential for the functioning of a company
  • Personnel files
  • Medical files
  • Academic records
  • Archaeological records
Mississippi Free Background Check

Online background check in Mississippi

While the state of Mississippi does not have laws that limit background checks, the Fair Credit Reporting Act states that employees must consent for the employers to conduct their background checks. Additionally, employees must also inform their employees before they decide to take any action as a result of the background check.

Criminal background check

You can conduct a criminal background check by accessing You can enter one of the following information on the convict:

  • Their first and last names
  • Their MDOC ID number
  • The name of their city
  • The name of their county

You will receive information regarding the offense of the criminal, and the location where they are housed if they are still detained.

Drug testing form

The state of Mississippi allows individuals to submit a drug sample as part of their application process. However, they must know the reason for the requirement. Employers must provide a drug test release form to ensure that the employees are aware of the exam. Also, they must be informed that the results of the inspection will ensure their job selection.

Sex offender check

The Sex Offender Registry of the state of Mississippi is a list of convicted sex offenders. You can search the database with the following information:

  • All sex offenders situated in a zip code
  • All offenders who are situated within a particular address
  • You can also use the map application to search for your neighborhood and search for your proximity with registered sex offenders.
  • If you suspect someone you know is a sex offender, you can try to search for their name and see if you get any results.
Free Background Check Mississippi

Background check for employment

Employers are allowed to use background checks in Mississippi. they can conduct their searches in the following ways:

The Health Department: If you are conducting a search for the Mississippi Department of Health, you will have to go through the fingerprint-based federal background check.

Railroad: Everyone who is applying for a job at the railroad will be required to go through a fingerprint-based background check.

Jobs involving money: If you are applying for a job that requires handling of money, such as a bank or a money transfer office, you will have to go through a fingerprint-based check. You will also have to go through a credit history check. The latter is important to ensure that you know how to handle the money and will not be tempted to steal.

Vital records

If you require the vital records of a person, you can order it through the following channels:


You can access records in-person by requesting them at the following address:

222 Marketridge Drive, Ridgeland 39157, Mississippi.

Through the mail

Download the form and send a hard copy to the following address:

Mississippi Vital Records, Jackson 39215-1700, Mississippi PO Box 1700


Request your documents online through

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!