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Missouri Free Background Check

When conducting a background check, enquirers usually ask for proof of identity, declarations, and information documented by State pertaining to criminal history, medical records and any driving violations of Motor Vehicle Records (MVR). It is easy to verify identity, qualifications and previous employment. On the other hand, it may prove to be difficult for third parties to access medical history, criminal records, and MVR.

Access to such records is governed by the Missouri Sunshine Law, which allows complete access to votes, records, actions, meetings, and deliberations of public governmental bodies but restricts access to aforesaid records as a protection of the right to privacy of the subject of the records.

Individuals are usually more willing to disclose medical records and MVR for reasonable submissions to government bodies or employers. Thus, criminal records emerge as the most critical part of background checks. In the State of Missouri, an official background check of criminal history can be ordered from the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP).  

Missouri Free Background Check
It is advisable to conduct official background checks because:

  • Applicants get State validated information as a legally admissible document.
  • The record is in a standardized format which is easy to record in other electronic repositories and databases.
  • The liability of error in information is on issuing authority and not the applicant.
  • The applicant can use it as intended i.e. a submission towards pursuance of employment, tenancy, loan, insurance, etc.
  • An applicant can make use of the online services of the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) to avail access or certified copies of Criminal Records from the CJIS. The online application stipulates a fee of $14 along with a small convenience fee for name-based searches and varying fees for Fingerprint-based searches (provided that the applicant can furnish a fingerprint card). The vendor for fingerprint-based searches for MACH is IDEMIA and it charges $28.50 ($20+$8.50) for each State based background check and $41.50 (($20+$8.50+$13.25) for a comprehensive check of federal as well as State criminal records. Processing time for such fingerprint-based verifications is notified as 7-10 days. Applicants can seek further help by calling the IDEMIA toll free number (844)543-9712.

An unofficial background check is advisable for the following reasons:

  • The person or organization conducting the unofficial background check does not need any consent or authorization from the prime subject of a notified government record.
  • Lack of eligibility, authorization and/or funds to access official records. Essentially, it is a FREE BACKGROUND CHECK.
  • The researcher can remain anonymous while conducting the background check.
  • If the legal risk is not severe even if the researcher makes errors.
  • No need to hire investigators, one can do it in-house.  
Free Background Check Missouri

An unofficial verification can be done in the following manner:

1. Study of Court Records: Court records are a reliable source of information of any individual pertaining to court proceedings, summons or notices towards civil as well as criminal offenses, driving violations, financial disputes and/or family disputes. Additionally, courts also keep a record of the issued Marriage and Divorce certificates. Court records can be accessed from the online repository of the Courts of Missouri, known as Casenet.

2. Study of Inmate Records and Sex Offender’s Registry: Upon discovery of any court documentation of criminal offenses, whether alleged or convicted, the researcher can dig deeper into inmate records on the official website of the Missouri Department of Corrections without any departmental expenses. The mug shot of the offender is available in these records along with physical descriptors and information about imprisonment and adherence or violation of probation or parole. Additionally, the researcher must also do a name search of the person under scrutiny, as directed by the online access page of the Statewide Sex Offender’s Registry. This search can furnish the researcher with the latest area of residence if the individual does emerge as a registered sex offender. 
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!