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Montana Free Background Check

A background check is an important tool that can be used to find out the history of a person. This is of particular importance in the case of companies recruiting employees. A company would like to hire a person who has a clean background, free from criminal cases. A background check can be used to find out a person’s criminal records, where his fingerprints can be used to search in different databases.

The background check can be used to find out the complete details of a potential employee. Apart from the criminal record check, a background check can be used to find out other information too. This includes a driving history record. Background checks are mandatory by law while recruiting employees for daycare centers and health-care centers where children and the elderly need to be managed by employees.

Montana Free Background Check

What does the background check have?

The background check report would have the complete criminal history of a person. It would have details of arrests done, arrest warrants issued in the name of the person, court records including records of convictions, records of imprisonment, search in criminal databases, sex offender registry, and FBI databases. Apart from the criminal check, most companies check for other details like the driving history record of a person. Even records related to the educational background and work history are verified in some background checks.

How to get a background check in Montana?

In Montana, a background check can be ordered from the Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation in Helena. Apart from law enforcement agencies, members of the public can also get a background check done There are limits to what can be checked and these are as per the privacy laws of the state. Information on arrest records and court information can be obtained.

There are two types of checks – name-based and fingerprint-based. Name-based checks are done by searching for the name of the person in databases. Fingerprint checks use the fingerprint of a person and check it against the criminal database. This produces a more accurate and detailed check. is the link using which you can apply online for a background check. This is not a free check and there is a fee charged for it. $15 is the fee for name-based checks, $20 the fee for online name-based check and $10 for Montana fingerprint check with $30 for a Federal fingerprint check.

How to get a free background check in Montana?

Free background checks are possible in a limited way in Montana.

Free Background Check Montana

Court records can be checked online to find out if someone has been involved in a case and details of the case and convictions can be found. is the website from where court records are available and they can be searched. This link has details to cases in the Montana Supreme Court. For cases on other courts, is the link to find cases in the appropriate court.

Prison records can be found online from the website of the Department of Corrections, Montana. is the app available on the website of the department that allows access to search for records of prison inmates. Anyone can use this app to search for information for free.

The Sex offender registry is an important source for a background check. It is important to know if a potential employee is listed on the website as an offender. is the link to the Montana sex offender registry. This is a free search service.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!