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A background check is usually done on employees and/or students/interns, prospective clients/business partners by an individual or a company to ascertain that the person(s) they are getting involved with is who they claim to be. It is an intrinsic process to establish trust between the two parties. There are two types of background checks: official and unofficial. Official background checks in NH are not free of cost and will require official steps to be followed along with a monetary payment. These will not include all criminal records, but only the convictions.

New Hampshire Public Record laws and regulations ensure that the public has access to records of government bodies that strive to serve the public. This means that the public can look up most of the civil and criminal cases of the state, however, obtaining a criminal background check involves the filling of a “Criminal Record Release Authorization Form” with a $25 search fee at Criminal Records Unit, NH State Police.

New Hampshire Free Background Check
Information Contained in Free Background Checks

  • Active Warrants
  • DUI in the last 10 years
  • A conviction for marijuana/drug offenses
  • A conviction for sex-related crimes
  • Juvenile record history if the person is below 21 years of age
  • Mugshots
  • Active probation sentences

Background checks these days are also performed using third party services or online websites. Seeking background check from the state/federal government is a good idea, but not as popular due to the hassle and money involved.

If you want to get a Free Background Check done on someone in New Hampshire, it may involve more than a few simple clicks on the internet. According to the state government, NH does not possess a free central criminal record database accessible by the public. Neither does it provide all criminal court records online.

However, there are some public databases that can be browsed for free. Inmates and registered offenders in the state of New Hampshire can be viewed by entering their name and/or a few basic details.

The most reliable way to obtain a Background Check in New Hampshire is by getting the consent from the employee you want to run a background check on. This requires the employee filling out a “New Hampshire Criminal History Request Form”, which in turn has to be sent to the Criminal Records Unit, 33 Hazen Drive, Concord, with a money order of 25 USD.

Free Background Check New Hampshire
While most criminal searches will cost 25 USD, for non-profit organizations the cost is lowered to 10 USD. It is important to keep in mind that criminals will not confine themselves to any state borders. If one requires an extensive background check with criminal activities across the nation, provides premium database research for criminals which is fast and effective. To view criminal histories and court records across the state or even nationally, you’d be required to pay a higher fee depending on your needs.

A Free Background Check in the State of New Hampshire is attainable if you can go the extra mile. If the person in question is a new employee, the easiest way to do a quick background check is by getting in touch with their previous employer. The process can be effective most of the time, but not always reliable.

You may come across various private websites on the internet claiming that they provide Background Checks for free, however, that is barely ever the case. Most of these websites will provide the service for a price.

Unwilling to spend money on a background check? Browse the internet and do the research. There are various websites that may not exactly provide you with a complete background check on the person you want to verify, however, they will lead you to pages that may help verify whether the person has committed any crimes in the past.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!