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What are the Laws Related to Bribery in North Carolina?

The state of North Carolina in the USA is very strict about laws related to bribery. We will discuss bribery as a crime and all punishment and fine related to the same in North Carolina State.

Illegal donations made to a government party are forbidden in North Carolina. Wire fraud, bribery and giving a false statement to the FBI are punishable crimes in the state.

Illegal public donations are considered grave crimes in North Carolina.

Attempted Bribery

It is very clear that giving or attempting to give a bribe to a public official in North Carolina is a crime.

If such a bribe was offered with relation to the sheriff’s official duties, then offering such a bribe is a Class F felony. Even if the bribe was not accepted, it is considered a serious crime.

Class F Felony

Class F felony acts in North Carolina include involuntary assault and manslaughter on a government official. A Class F felony has a maximum punishment of almost 5 years imprisonment. This law has been framed by N.C. Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission.

North Carolina Bribery Law

If a person gives a donation to a political party, and the amount exceeds the permissible limit, then such action is considered a bribe. This is a crime in North Carolina. Thus, be careful while offering donations to political parties and government servants.

Cash as a donation can’t be offered. While money can be legally offered as a donation to a political party in North Carolina.

All donations and contributions, which are more than $50 should be in a money order or check. There are few other legal methods too. Thus, bags of cash can be avoided as a bribe in North Carolina.


- Fraud of property received or possessed because of an official position or employment. Such a property’s valuation should be $10,000 or more.

- Fraud of state property by employees or public officers and if the amount is more than $100,000.

- Imprisonment sentences are based on guidelines, which differ according to various factors.

Class F felonies:

Fraud of state property by government/ public employees, and officers, and if the valuation of the property is less than $100,000.

Class H felonies:

- Fraud of property received by the virtue of employment or office if the amount is less than $100,000.

Bribery Law North Carolina

Sentences of imprisonment for this class of felony are specified based on guidelines that vary based on several factors:

- Illegal buying and selling of office space.

- Imprisonment sentences are based on several factors and guidelines.

Class 1 misdemeanor:

- Misusing confidential information.

- Public employees or officers gaining from certain public contracts.

- Such an act is punishable for more than 6 months in jail, less than one year.

- Such an act is punishable by more than six months in jail.

- Sentences for jail for fraud and misbehavior are based on certain guidelines.

- Violation of ethics, as per the rules of the ethics committee, telling off a legislator, referring the matter to the Attorney General for criminal prosecution and investigation- all these are serious crimes. Such a matter can be sent to the appropriate house for action.

Thus, this makes it very clear that bribery or related crimes, attempt to bribery are very serious crimes in North Carolina. These are punishable offenses. Thus, citizens are warned not to give a bribe or attempt to give a bribe in the state. This sums up bribery in North Carolina and punishment related to it


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!