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What is the Law on Seditious libel in Oklahoma and What are the Punishments for it?

What do governments of countries do for maintaining the quality of life of their citizens? Though they take a number of welfare measures, the main step they take is to ensure safety for the citizens. Of course, a lot of brainstorming keeps happening in the governmental corridors for achieving the aim of ensuring safety for the citizens. It is not that the experts engaged by the governments are able to come up with perfect laws that can fulfill this aim. That is why they are always ready to make minor tweaks to the existing laws and to bring out new statutes.

Government authorities have no qualms in accepting that they constantly face challenges. One of the main challenges they face is that there is always a mushroom growth and an increase in the number of criminals. These wicked people readily and willingly embrace the innovations that keep taking place in the technological and other fronts. Therefore, governments are also forced to keep a close watch on how criminals act and how they carry out their activities. This alone helps them in devising ways to tackle them.

The crimes that are committed by perpetrators are of various types. Burglary, theft, murder, etc. belong to one type. There is another type of crimes and seditious libel, defamation, etc. belong to this type. Seditious libel is a crime that is not allowed in most of the countries of the world and the USA and the UK also find a place on this list. It is true that the USA is a democratic country in which citizens enjoy the freedom of speech and freedom of action. But this does not mean that one can talk ill of others and defame them. Especially, seditious libel can turn out to be a serious crime if it incites revolt against the rulers and the country. That is the reason the US views this crime seriously. That is why like the governments of several other countries, the US has put in place laws for preventing these crimes and punishing those who commit them.

Oklahoma Seditious Libel Laws

Not only the Federal government but the governments of the states have enacted laws for dealing with these crimes and punishing the guilty. Let us find out what the law on seditious libel in the state of Oklahoma says. Before that, we will find out what seditious libel is.

If a person displays overt conduct consisting of speech, sedition, and organization against the rulers or the nation, or the established order, he or she is committing a crime of seditious libel. Generally speaking, sedition is an act of subverting the Constitution of a country and also inciting discontent against the ruling establishment and making people revolt against it. There may not be open commotion or violence but if seditious words are uttered in a speech or if they are in written form, the crime becomes seditious libel. In other words, the words spoken or written by the offender promote sedition.

Seditious libel is prosecutable since the crime is committed with an intention to spoil, dilute, or bring down the veneration the government enjoys. That is one of the reasons this crime is viewed and handled similar to how a political crime is handled. In fact, some of the states have put this crime under political crimes because the offenders speak or write lies or criticize the government or the establishment.

Intentions of the Lawmakers in the State of Oklahoma.

As in the case of many other states, the intentions of the lawmakers in the state of Oklahoma are to protect the country from potential dangers the crimes of seditious libel may pose. According to the Oklahoma laws, false, scandalous, or malicious writings or speeches that are made with an intent to defame the US government, the houses of the Congress, the President of the country, or the state governments including that of the state of Oklahoma or to bring contempt or disrepute to them belong to the crime of seditious libel.

Punishments awarded to those who are convicted of having committed the crime of seditious libel.

According to Oklahoma state laws, if a person commits the crime of seditious libel and if the courts convict him or her, they will award punishments that are generally meted out to criminals who commit a misdemeanor. In other words, the punishments will be a fine of an amount that ranges between $100 and $500, or a term in a county jail for a period between 30 days and 120 days, or both.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!