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South Carolina Free Background Check

According to the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, all citizens have the privilege of accessing public records and databases in the state. "Public bodies" including government agencies have to make their notes available for all citizens of South Carolina and the members of the press. Government agencies are not allowed to withhold the records unless they are exempt by law. Exemptions include:

  • Details of social security numbers
  • Secrets of trade and commerce
  • Details of the tax standards used by the Department of Revenue
  • Information that comes in the purview of the attorney-client privilege
  • Police records regarding an active, ongoing investigation
  • Industrial offers incomplete contracts that have either been declined or are currently underway

How to search for background records?

Background researches are conducted by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. You will need the following details to access information on a criminal:

  • The last name of the subject
  • A set of their fingerprints
  • The first initial of the subject
  • Their exact date of birth

You are only allowed access to conviction information and arrest records. Full records regarding our case can be accessed only by law-enforcement officials and the subject of the record. For each record request, there is a fee of $25. If you are requesting the records online, you are required to pay a $1 convenience fee as well. Additionally, agencies can request their own fees for copying the pages. The fees for paper records range from 10-25 cents per page.

South Carolina Free Background Check
Sled Catch

The state of South Carolina allows you to access a statewide criminal history report. The website is You can access the records of any convicted person with a payment of $26. Additionally, you will also require the following details:

  • The last name of the subject
  • The first initial of the subject
  • The date of birth of the subject
  • The social security details number of the subject

One of the easiest ways you can get correct information on the subject is by submitting their fingerprint records. If you fess up with the other details, your results may include a false-negative or incorrect positive.

Conducting background checks by mail

You can also order background checks through the mail. You will not have to pay any additional amount for sending a request through mail. Fill out the Criminal Records Checks Form, and send it to the address listed below along with the accepted amount of payment and a self-addressed return envelope. If you have to notarize your records, make sure to do them yourself before sending the request.


SLED Records Department, Columbia 29221-1398, South Carolina, PO Box: 21398

Sex offender search

Sex offender searches in South Carolina can be conducted easily with the help of SORT. There are various ways you can conduct your search, including geographical filters and name searches. To conduct a search with geographical filters, enter the street, city, state, and zip code. When accessing records through name filters, enter the last and first name of the offender. The website of the sex offender search is

Free Criminal Background Check South Carolina
Background checks for employers

The state of South Carolina does not impose many restrictions on what employers can access during the hiring process.

Arrest records

Employers are allowed to ask prospective hires about their arrest history. However, discrimination on the basis of one's arrest history is not allowed, especially for arrests that did not result in convictions.

Sealed records

Employers are not allowed to ask for information regarding someone's sealed records. Similarly, they should stay away from asking about someone's expunged record. Juvenile court records and convictions are also considered out-of-bounds.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!