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Spokeo: What is the Spokeo People Search and How to Use It
Spokeo Com Review 

When you think about a people's search, what comes to mind? For most of us, the answer is "social media," which is understandable. We live in an age of a social media boom, and many people rely on these sites to get information about others. There are plenty of cases where people who are on social media websites and similar platforms write the truth about who they are, but there are also plenty of cases where people lie. This is where Spokeo comes in; the Spokeo people search service can help you separate the truth from the lies, and now it's time to find out more about this online service.

What is Spokeo?

Spokeo, which was founded in 2006, is a people search directory that provides Spokeo login account users with information about people in the United States. With the help of a Spokeo login account, you can access accurate information about people in your life, like military friends, neighbors, classmates, etc. The aggregator on the site gathers information from public records and provides it in the form of an online report. Spokeo has 20 million Spoke logins and searches each month and aggregates data from over 12 billion different records. 

The primary purpose of Spokeo is to help people reunite with one another. Thanks to the information available on the website, you can find people from your past and reconnect with them. Additionally, you can find data about people who are currently a part of your life and discover if someone you know is being dishonest with you.


Spokeo Login and Use

Like other similar sites, you can log in to Spokeo to try out its services free of charge. If you decide you want to continue using Spokeo, you can get on one of the memberships plans available on the site. Once you have the membership, you can use your Spokeo login information whenever you want and use the website's services at will.

To use the Spokeo people search directory, you need to do one simple thing: enter the name/phone number/email/username/address of the person you are searching for. And that is it – your job is done! Once you provide one of these details, the directory on the website will aggregate information from public records and provide you with data about the person you searched, such as:

  • Full name
  • Current contact information
  • Social media information
  • Address
  • Criminal records
  • Sex Offenses
  • Traffic violations
  • And more
, Spokeo People Search, Spokeo People Search Review
Spokeo People Search Review

Spokeo has been mentioned many times over in review sites and service provider websites. The information available on the website has helped many people reunite with lost friends and relatives, even if they lost touch decades ago. With the help of the website, family members can reconnect, military friends can reunite, and give you information about these people.

The growth of the website has allowed Spokeo to become bigger than ever with more than 20 million monthly visitors that use its various services. The growth also means better services and improved directories that provide quick access to public records and people search reports. Thanks to its contribution to society and rapid growth, Spokeo was listed in Los Angeles Business Journal's Fastest-Growing Private Companies and is counted among the prestigious Inc. 5000 List. The company continues to grow and provides users with unlimited access to valuable records while improving its technology.

Performing Google searches and finding other information online does not necessarily mean that you will find the truth, you need to tap into accurate and reliable people search for resources that can provide you with data about people from your past and present. With Spokeo, you can get accurate information about people, and you can access the data whenever you desire.

Spokeo people searhc

Why Use Spokeo?

The 21st century can be referred to as the century of information thanks to the internet that provides us with data about anything we can think of. Whenever we want to find information about a certain topic, all we have to do is type in the query into a search engine, and in a matter of seconds, we will get thousands of hits on the topic we are searching for. The same goes for people – when we want to find someone, or contact a person, all we have to do is look them up online or in social media websites.

When you find their profiles, you can scroll down to find out what they are up to and get information about whoever you want. Social media and people web searches can come in handy in a lot of cases but not all of them; when searching for people online and on social media, we assume they provided accurate information about who and what they are. 

Spokeo People Search Review


While in most cases the data we find is truthful, in many cases the information people write about themselves is either a lie or a stretching of the truth. It is up to you to find out the truth about people who are in your life, and discover who might be lying to you.


When using a Spokeo login account, you get access to accurate information about whoever you want. The quick search engine can give you a complete run-down about people's past, and help you separate the truth from the lies. Thanks to its accuracy, you can use Spokeo to find data about long-lost relatives, old flames, and people you recently met. 

When using the Spokeo login service, you get access to public records about people so you can find out if someone has the potential to do you harm. For instance, if you met a person you like online, and you want to go out with him/her, you can run a quick people search with Spokeo. At the end of the search, you will know the person's age, their marital status, any crimes they may have committed, and much more valuable information that will help you protect yourself when necessary. 

Spokeo login accounts have been referenced in pop culture, in an episode on the popular Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, Lorna Morello advises her friend to use Spokeo to find someone who is not on social media. The show Catfish, which finds people who are lying about their identity uses Spokeo to identify actual liars. 

Spokeo Pricing – How Much Does Spokeo Cost?

Spokeo offers its users two membership plans they can purchase when going on the website. The Spokeo pricing for the membership plans is as follows:

  • One-month Spokeo membership - $13.95/month
  • Three-month Spokeo membership - $$7.95/month
 Spokeo Price

Is Spokeo Legit?

Many people question the legitimacy of background check sites, such as Spokeo, and it is understandable. Any website that requires credit card information to pay for memberships or reports should be examined to make sure it is not fraudulent.

So, is Spokeo legit? Can you trust the website? The answer is yes, Spokeo is a legitimate people search site; is has been around since 2006 and it has millions of users who use it monthly. The reports provided by Spokeo contain data from official public records that are accurate as they are collected by the authorities in every state. Also, Spokeo uses various protection methods to make sure the credit card details of its users are safe and cannot be stolen by hackers.

How to Opt-Out of Spokeo?

Opting out of Spokeo means removing your public records listing from the website. If you want to opt-out of Spokeo, follow these steps:

  • Type in your first name and last name to find your listing
  • Copy the URL of the listing by clicking in "copy link address" on the drop-down menu
  • Click HERE to go to the Spokeo Opt-Out page. Paste the URL into the "Enter URL here" bracket
  • Resolve the reCAPTCHA (“I'm not a robot”) and then click on “Remove The Listing”.
  • Enter your email address into the required bracket
  • Check your inbox to – you will receive an email from Spokeo to complete the opt out.

What is Spokeo for Business?

Spokeo for business is a service intended to provide business owners to prevent fraud and perform identity verification. Business owners who want to perform identity verification, for healthcare and homeowner insurance claims, for instance, can use the Spokeo for business service.

The service does not provide access to private financial data, and it is mainly used as an identification verification tool to prevent fraud. With the service, businesses can discover if the name, contact information, address, and additional data that people provide is accurate and that they are not committing fraud.

Spokeo for Business
How to Contact Spokeo Representatives?

You can contact Spokeo representitives via the Spokeo customer support service tools:

Spokeo email address:

Spokeo email: You can also send Spokeo an email via an online form, 24/7.

Spokeo Chat: you can contact the Spokeo chat from 6AM-6PM PT daily

Spokeo Phone number: you can contact the Spokeo customer support service 5AM-8PM PT daily at 1-888-271-9562

Spokeo Law Enforcement Tool

In 2017 Spokeo unveiled a tool specifically designed to help law enforcement individuals. The investigative tool connects both social media data and public records to provide deep people intelligence. The tool allows law enforcement personnel to access social media information of perpetrators of crimes in order to locate them in a shorter amount of time. The tool also cuts down the time spent by officers searching through public records to find information about the perpetrator. 

Spokeo Phone Search Reviews

One of the most sought-after services on Spokeo and similar websites is the phone number lookup service. With a phone number search, you can track down people from your past and present by entering their phone number into the directory, and hitting "search". There are several such services available today, so if you can’t decide if Spokeo is right for you, maybe these Spokeo phone search reviews from will help you:

"My experience was totally positive with respect to Spokeo, and any disappointment was attributable solely to individuals whose phone/address had changed. I believe SPOKEO probably has the widest possible range/coverage of names available to the public."

Spokeo Phone Search Reviews

"Thanks to the tools provided to research unknown phone numbers on my child's cell phone. I was able to intercept a bad situation when I could not locate my child. He ended up 30 miles away waiting to meet with a 46-year-old stranger. You're the best."

"I used this service to reverse a phone number. It was easy to use, gave me the information in a timely manner. I was happy with the whole experience. Even when I called to cancel, they were helpful. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to look up someone's background."

"My 8-year-old goddaughter was getting obscene phone calls. I changed my mind and took everything I had to the police. The young lady that spoke with me was so helpful and kind. She even told me it would be to go to the police since I had a tape and the phone number. Please thank her for me."

So, to sum up the Spokeo phone search reviews, the service is quick, useful, and provides accurate results so you can use it to perform phone number-based background checks.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 19, 2020
Sensitive Information!