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Transportation Security Administration Background Check Explained

The Transportation Security Administration or the TSA has the job to carry out extensive and exhaustive background checks on people before they are given access into private government facilities such as secure building, restricted areas, airports, and airplanes. With continuous checks and updates to their expansive arsenal, the TSA ensures that no matter what, they are always one step ahead of any encounter that they may face.

In 2015, TSA conducted a complete overhaul of their security system. The new procedure contains a more thorough check. The TSA background check is meticulous, and contains the following categories of search:

Taking the fingerprint of the individual in order to check their data against the FBI criminal database and their terrorist watch lists.

  • In order to verify the licenses of pilots and their medical certificates, the TSA conducts checks in association with the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • The TSA conducts checks at all the levels, including the county, state, and the federal level, in order to find out every misdemeanor that an individual has committed.
Transportation Security Administration Background Check
  • In order to determine whether or not the person in question has gone through the government-certified training processes, the TSA conducts a check of the records of the air carrier the pilot is employed with.
  • The organization conducts checks into the histories of the person, in order to determine if there are any red flags which indicate rash behavior on the roads, including accident reports, suspension of license, vehicle violations, and run in's with the law due to road-related incidents.
  • Various licenses and other certificates which give an individual the free pass to enter a TSA facility and work there. This includes restricted areas, government facilities, airports, etc.
  • The TSA also conducts the search of a person's drug history, in order to determine whether or not a person is reliable and is well equipped to work under tough conditions that all employees of the TSA will be undoubtedly prone to.
Transportation Security Administration Jobs
  • In addition to the drug history, the TSA also conducts searches into the alcohol-related crimes that a person may have been involved with. These include incidents of driving under the influence, road mishaps relating to drunk driving, and whether the individual ever took another person's life while under the influence.
  • The Social Security Number of an individual is also checked and their current address as listed with the Social Security Number manually verified, in order to determine whether or not all the information that the person has given to the Administration is real.
  • The TSA enlists the help of past employers as well for reference purposes. They cross-check the information provided by the employer and the individual, and also verify to see what sort of an employee the individual was.
  • The TSA also conducts searches into the worker's compensation history of a person, to see whether or not they were involved in any workplace-related accidents, the extent of the mishap, whether or not the individual was responsible for it, and the settlement provided to the worker if any.

In 2015, the organization introduced new rules after a TSA employee was caught trying to smuggle firearms on a plane. The TSA started using real-time and recurring background checks on its employees as well, in order to keep a tab on their current employees. With this, the TSA can keep a record of the charges against their employees who are currently working under the administration. Furthermore, all current TSA employees also have to pass through the security checks when boarding planes, while they were previously exempt from this.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!