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Vermont Free Background Check

Why get a background check done?

When a company selects an employee, they would like to verify the background of the new recruit. This is essential to know if the employee is all that he claims to be. Verification of educational credentials, work history, are things most companies do. The laws in most states mandate the background check for employees who work with children and the aged. This includes daycare centers, health care centers, etc. This is very important to ensure that the person working has a clean record.

Doing a criminal background check is essential in such jobs. It is essential to know if someone has a criminal history and is not disclosing it. This is imperative if a new employee is working with children. This is the reason why many organizations decide to get a background check done for all new recruits. Depending on the nature of the job, the background check may include a criminal background check, credit history check, etc.

Vermont Free Background Check
What happens in a background check?

A background check that is done officially would go into the criminal history of a person. All databases would be searched to find out if the person has committed any crimes and has been convicted of the same. Drug screening may be done as a part of a background check. When an employee deals with finances, then a credit history check may be done.

How to get a background check in Vermont? is the website of the Vermont Crime Information Center, Department of Public Safety. This is the official agency in the state of Vermont that is responsible for carrying out criminal background checks. This check is carried out for free for educational institutions who are obtaining a background check for new employees. It is free even for a vulnerable population agency.

For all others, this is a paid service and a fee of $30 is charged. The name and the date of birth need to be submitted to get a criminal record check done. This is a service provided for information and certified copies are not offered. It must be noted that as per local laws, only a criminal conviction report is available for the public and they will know of convictions done for offenses.

Information related to the criminal history that has charges of acquittal and under trial is available only to the person of record, others cannot access this record. A criminal check based on fingerprints can be done directly through the FBI. is the site to visit to get a fingerprint check done.

Free Criminal Background Check Vermont
Getting a free background check in Vermont

There are certain free records available in the public domain. These records can be searched online to carry out a free background check. is a website that has reports of arrests made by the Vermont police. This website is available to the public to access and one can try to find arrest records on this website for free.

It is possible to find out if someone is in prison in any of the correctional facilities in the state. The Department of Public Safety has a search utility. is the link to the webpage from which it is possible to do a free search of offenders in prisons.

An important element of a background check is to search the sex offender registry to find out if someone is registered as an offender. is the website from which the sex offender registry in Vermont can be accessed and searched for free to do a background check.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!