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The Law on Conspiracy and its Punishments in Virginia

The laws on conspiracy in Virginia are very clear. Under these laws, a person will be charged with a conspiracy between two or more persons decide or come to an agreement together that they would like to commit a crime or do something that is not legal. These laws further state that the conspirators need not know all the details of the criminal plan. It is enough that they knew some part of the plan and it is also enough that they knew some of the persons involved in the plan. In addition, if they knew how the proceeds of the crime were to be distributed, then they would be charged with conspiracy under Virginia conspiracy laws.

Conspiring to commit crimes is illegal

Conspiring to commit a crime in Virginia is against the law. If someone knows of the crime but does not take part in the crime, they can still be charged with conspiracy under Virginia laws. All that is necessary for the charge to be leveled against people is that they agreed to the crime.

Virginia Conspiracy Law
Conspiracy - not the same as the actual crime committed

It is also important to understand that under Virginia laws, conspiracy is different from the offense that was planned. It is also different from aiding or helping or abetting the crime. For conspiracy charges to be leveled it is important to establish that a conspiracy exists. It is not enough to know that people helped the offenders in committing a crime. In fact, unless it can be proved that the persons charged with conspiracy agreed or connived to commit the crime, they cannot be charged with conspiracy. Thus, aiding and abetting a crime will not be grounds to charge a person with conspiracy in the state of Virginia.

Laws in Virginia are easier

The good news is that Virginia laws make it easier to charge persons with conspiracy than the Federal Law and this is on account of the fact that Federal Conspiracy requires some amount of proof of a conspiracy. In other words, the individuals taking part in the crime or who conspired to commit a crime must do something that is close to the actual crime. It is not enough, under Federal Law, that they simply agreed to do the crime.

Conspiracy Law Virginia
A felony

Virginia conspiracy laws state that persons conspiring or confederating or combining with others within Virginia or outside the state to commit felonies in Virginia or outside, they will be held guilty of the felony and will be punished accordingly. The punishments for conspiracy can be quite severe and, in some cases, – like in a Class 3 felony – can even invite the death sentence.

There are various categories of conspiracy in Virginia including conspiring to commit larceny or trespass. You can also be charged with conspiracy in Virginia if you conspire to commit credit card fraud or if you conspire to violate, then again you can be charged with conspiracy.

Punishments for Conspiracy in the State of Virginia

As mentioned, a conviction in a Class 3 felony can land you in serious trouble. In fact, you can be sentenced to death for such an offense. If you are convicted of a non-capital felony then you will be charged with a Class 5 felony and punished accordingly. The minimum punishment for conspiracy in Virginia is being confined in a state correctional facility for not less than 5 years or a period of one year. It all depends on what the court or jury decides.

If convicted of a conspiracy, then you cannot be made to serve more than the maximum sentence. The jurisdiction for the trial of anyone charged with conspiracy in Virginia will be the county or the city in which the conspiracy (either wholly or partially) was planned or the city where the crime was committed.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!