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How to Obtain a Free Background Check in the State of West Virginia?

The State of West Virginia is one of the more liberal states when it comes to furnishing relevant information pertaining to background checks for any individual i.e. financial records, education and health records, criminal records and or employment history. Information pertaining to identity verification is strictly guarded against access to the public in general, but the State does offer services to verify consensual submissions made by the individual in question.

Ways of getting a free background check in West Virginia

Fingerprint-based verification too is only accessible to an individual under scrutiny, his/her authorized representative who is obtaining the background check with consent and disclosure of intended use for a specific purpose and no other. The electronic records manager and provider of Criminal Background Checks is the official vendor of the West Virginia State Police (WVSP). The fee for such records is $37.50 per copy, exclusive of the cost of submitting fingerprints.

West Virginia Free Background Check
Any other way of doing a background check is deemed to be an unofficial background verification which has no legal standing, as opposed to an official background check as issued by WVSP. Anybody keen on researching and verifying another individual’s background can do so unofficially, by aggregating the relevant information in the following manner:

1. Researching through Court Records: A researcher can obtain Court Records prior to the preceding 15 years, from the Washington National Records Center. Current records of the State can be accessed from the designated court or County Clerk. West Virginia is comprised of 55 counties and the States’ Court System has an online repository of all records, available for access to the public. Court records are a good place to search and validate criminal, civil and driving violations of an individual and the incidental court summons. Furthermore, certain information pertaining to taxes, county history, deeds, and properties may be recovered from the West Virginia State Archives and History.
2. Researching Crash Reports: Driving history of individuals is not available without their consent and official records cost prescribed fees, but research can access crash reports for free. An online database of crash reports is available on the official website of the West Virginia State Police. At least one can verify the record of vehicles that underwent accidents and validate the same with tenure of ownership, as submitted by the individual in question along with supporting documents.

3. Researching Inmate Records: Retrieving inmate records from the online database of the State Department of Corrections has its own advantages. It is the only free record that provides conviction details along with the mug shot and identification criteria of the inmate. The researcher merely has to validate this information with that of the individual undergoing the background checks.

Free Background Check West Virginia
4. Researching Sex Offenders registry of the State: The said Sex Offenders registry is a great help to the research when it comes to verifying the legal name and area of residence with the information available on the sex offender’s registry.

5. Verification of Ownership and On-person Carriage of Firearms: This can be a very challenging exercise as the State Government does not mandate background verification of private purchases and tries to uphold an individual’s right to bear arms. It is best to let the individual know if firearms are permitted or prohibited in premises or on the job.

Compiling all the aforesaid information together, one can fairly say that a competent profile of an individual can be created and the same can be used to initiate a background check and validate submissions of the individual without incurring any cost.

The aforesaid process may save on costs, but it does not safeguard the researcher from incidental costs and risks in the event of a legal battle with the individual or victims of the individual to whom the researcher or their employer may be held liable.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!