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Colorado Investigation Background Check

The advent of Information Technology has ushered in many fast and convenient ways to know about a person's antecedents while hiring him or her. Employment is not the only segment where a background check comes in handy. Now immigration departments of many nations have made background checks compulsory for processing applications.

The background and criminal history checking system of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation or CBI is very popular among various enforcement agencies due to its accuracy and effectiveness.

Since the data of arrested persons is compiled in a system which is biometric, the accuracy is very high. A very cool feature of the database is that if an arrest is not supported by fingerprints, then it will not be included.

CBI Background Check

Private citizens can also make use of this vast database for matters including employment, marriage and a hoard of other utilities. A background check report is usually obtained by using any of the following popular methods:

  • Online services specialized in background checks.
  • Private agencies doing background checks.
  • Direct from Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

How to use an online service to run a background check?

Availing the services of an online site to run a background check on a specific person is very similar to registering on a website. First, you will be required to sign up and create an account. After signing up,  you can follow the instructions and fill up all necessary fields to receive the report in digital format.

What is CBI Background Check

Getting a background check report from a private agency

There are numerous ways to contact a private agency to request for a background check. Phone calls, emails or a personal visit will all help you find out the requisites for them to start a background check. The report can be obtained in print or digital format as desired by the customer in person or delivered to the specified address.

Getting the information directly from CBI   

You can also approach the Colorado state records and request for the records of a person. The procedures involve filing up a form, producing a valid identity card and paying the stipulated fees.

What is the fee for running a background check with CBI?

The fee depends on the kind of information required and its volume. A digital copy is cheaper than a printed report. Usually, the fee varies anywhere between $6 to $20.

Can all arrest records be obtained from the registry?

No. You are not entitled to receive juvenile information besides sealed records and information pertaining to warrants.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Does the registry contain details of sex offenders?

Details of people who have been found guilty of sex offenses by a court of law have also been included in the sex offender registry maintained by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. However, the list does not contain any information about sex crimes committed by juveniles. The registry also excludes names of persons convicted only for misdemeanor sex offenses.

Time to get a CBI background check report

The CBI can take anywhere from three weeks to six weeks to generate a comprehensive report based on the information provided by the seeker. The time frame is almost the same for online agencies and private entities.

What the law says about the background check for employment

It is mandatory for the organization applying to do a background check on a prospective employee to get consent from the person. It is up to the company to decide whether to hire a person who had denied consent.

An employer may even do a background check on an existing employee and can take appropriate action in case it is discovered that the employee had provided misleading or false information prior to joining or while in employment.

How to perform a self background check?

A CBI background check is very important, but like other services, it has is faults. Sometimes there are mistakes with the registration of public records, so people can get false information about you. For instance, an expunged criminal record may still appear in your criminal records even though it should not. That is why it is important to run a check on yourself and see what a CBI background check may say about you.

By performing a background check on yourself, you will be able to find out if there are mistakes in your public records that may affect you negatively. Then, you will be able to contact the authorities that made the error and ask them to correct it. That way, when someone performed a CBI check on you, that will get accurate data and not false information that could cause problems in your future.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!