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Everything You Need to Know About People Search Engines

Most of you must have heard about the 'people search' service that many websites offer these days. However, most people are unsure about what these types of services offer, and how they can be helpful, and sometimes harmful. In case you want to perform a people search on yourself or other people, it is important to know what these services can provide you with, and which sites are the best people search engines.

What is People Search?

A people search service is a service that can provide you with information about people that you know or do not know very well. The search is based on public records that are available both online and offline. A true people search will provide you with the following information about people:

  • Full name – the first name, middle name, and last name
  • Aliases – alias names the person in question uses
  • Birth records – records that show the person's date of birth, thus allowing to find his/her true age
  • Marriage records – marriage records of the person in question
  • Divorce records – divorce records of the person in question
  • Contact information – phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and contact information
  • Social media information – social media accounts the person in question is using
  • Criminal records – criminal convictions, arrests, traffic violations, and more
  • Sex offenses – sex crimes the person in question has been convicted of
  • Police records – police records registered to the name of the person

A true people search will provide you with a people search report in a matter of minutes, so you will be able to find data about people in your life in a matter of minutes.

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True People Search Based on Public Records

Public records allow you to find accurate data about people from all over the country. A USA people search collects data from public records that are available to the public.

These types of records are gathered by official authorities in the country, such as health departments, police departments, courts, and more. In the United States, there are two types of public records that you can search for: government public records, and personal public records.

Government public records provide the public with information about government agencies so people will be aware of what goes on in the office.

Personal public records contain data about people, and there are many such records that become available to the public. Nowadays, you can perform an independent people search to find personal records, or an online search in true people search websites.

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Independent People Search

An independent people search is an offline search that you perform by contacting authorities that maintain public records. In the first step of an independent people search, you need to find out which authorities maintain public records about the person that you are searching for in his/her state of residence.

Afterward, you need to contact each authority that maintains public records and file an official request with the proper authority. Then, you will need to pay for the search, as well as copies of each file. Every authority requires different fees, so you will need to pay the fees to get copies of public records.

In certain cases, you will need to fill out a request form with your personal data before filing the request for the public records. Once you submit all the paperwork and pay for the searches, you will need to wait to get the records that you requested. Standard waiting time is between several days to several weeks to get the search results. Also, the waiting period is based on the contact method you used (email, mail, online request, in person request).

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Online True People Search

Another way to get information about people is to use an online true people search engine. With these types of sites, you do not need to file a request for the search or wait until you get the results. All you have to do is enter the first name and last name of the person in question.

A professional true people search engine will provide you with additional directories aside from a name-based search; you will also be able to perform a people search with a reverse phone lookup, a reverse address lookup, or a reverse email lookup.

The true people search lasts several minutes, so you will get a full public records' report quickly. The search allows you to find accurate data about people that you need to know more about, like your neighbors, colleagues, dates, people who offer you different products, and others. With the help of a true people search, you will be able to protect yourself and discover if there are people who are dishonest with you and might harm you.

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What About a Free People Search?

A true people search engine provides you with a complete people search service, meaning that you get all the public records data about the people you are searching. Such services require you to pay a membership fee or a fee for one search at a time. You can also use free people search engines to find data about people, but they are limited; free people search engines can give you information about people, like their name, contact information, etc.

However, a free people search website cannot provide you with an in-depth search report because free people search engines do not have full access to all public records.

To get such access, websites need to pay public records directories. Because free people search engines do not require users to pay for the search, they lack the funds necessary to access all the public records in the country. A paid-per true people search service, on the other hand, have the funds to access public records across the country, so they can provide you with all the data you need.

A people search engine can provide you with data about the people in your life, and with a professional directory, you will be able to access valuable public records' information quickly and easily.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 22, 2021
Sensitive Information!