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Wyoming Free Background Check

Official background checks cost money whereas unofficial background checks are free. It is best to know the advantages of each before deciding upon the type of background check one wishes to conduct. In the State of Wyoming, an official background check is usually presumed as a check of the criminal history of the subject individual. The criminal history of people within the State of Wyoming is accounted, aggregated, maintained and issued by the Criminal Records Unit of the Criminal Justice Information Services under the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) of Wyoming.

Merits of unofficial background checks

  1. It is a document that is certified and validated by the issuing authorities and governing government agencies.
  2. The information follows a standardized format that makes submission and retrieval of information from it convenient and seamless. To a normal applicant, this may not seem like an advantage but it drastically reduces the time during intended clerical usage.
  3. In case the record is discovered to have errors, the liability of all errors falls on the recording, storing or issuing authorities and not on the applicant who is conducting the background check.
  4. The document is legally admissible for a majority of official purposes i.e. submissions towards employment, loan applications, insurance, contractual obligations, tenancy, etc.
Wyoming Free Background Check

  • If the intent of the applicant to obtain background checks is established to be legal, the liability of any illegality observed during the process of access or issuance falls on the issuing authority and not the applicant.
  • Through money orders, certified/ cashier’s check or a business check amounting to a prescribed fees of $15 (State and Western Identification Network Criminal records), $24 (FBI and State record of criminal history), additional $5 (fingerprint-based verification) or a mere $10 (for intended use as submission by volunteering subject in a volunteering organization), the applicant saves on the hassles and efforts of an unofficial background check.

On the other hand, an unofficial background check has the following merits:

  1. Research does not need to be authorized by subject of the record, eligible for the application or pay the departmental fees to access the official records i.e. it is a FREE BACKGROUND CHECK.
  2. A researcher has the liberty to remain anonymous.
  3. In the event that the researcher makes errors, little or no legal risk arises from these errors onto the researcher.
  4. An unofficial background check can be conducted by using in-house staff without hiring any investigator.

When conducting a free/unofficial background check, the following steps can be most useful:

1. Mining information from Court records: Court records are a good place to start the research as they are a good source of reliable information. Court proceedings pertaining to individuals or entities include transcripts of trials, hearings, appeals, notices, and summons towards the individual or addressed to the individual as a representative of an entity.

These transcripts and documents reveal whether the individual has been summoned, charged or prosecuted for criminal offenses, settled for financial disputes, or civil offenses, been registered for marriage and/or divorce and if he/she was notified for driving violations. Additionally, courts also keep a record of the issued Marriage and Divorce certificates. The aforesaid court records may be accessed online through the official website of the Wyoming Judicial Branch.

Free Criminal Background Check Wyoming

2. Mining information from Inmate Records: If court records reveal the possibility of criminal history, the researcher can access inmate records from the official website of the Wyoming Department of Corrections. An inmate record provides the researcher with a mug shot, history of arrests, incarceration, and information about parole or probation and their violations by the individual under scrutiny.

3. Mining information from Sex Offender Registries: It is advisable that the researcher conducts a name-based search of the individual under scrutiny in the State Registry of Sex offenders as well as the National Sex Offender’s Registry. If the individual does emerge as a sex offender, the registry also provides the latest area of residence of the offender.

4. Research on financial history can be retrieved from credit rerating agencies but the same are unreliable or insufficient when done through free channels unless the subject of the background check can voluntarily furnish the information along with bank statements, tax records, etc.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!