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Been Verified Cost: What is the Cost of Been Verified and its Services Options?

by Robert C.

Been Verified Cost, What is Cost of Been Verified

Been Verified Services and Been Verified Cost

When someone in our age wants to find information about another person, they will most likely revert initially to social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook and search engines. While these searches may turn up some information that these people have listed about themselves, it does not give you any information that they don’t want to share, so it is very easy to lie or hide facts about oneself. Aside from exaggerations, there can be flat out false information listed online without check.

Been Verified Cost

The way to uncover information about someone is by using an online background search service. These services aggregate millions of public records that are available due to the Freedom of Information Act and make them accessible to the general public at an affordable price. Some of these sites include social media information as well, but almost all use public records that are official and more reliable. One of these services is Been Verified. This article will cover Been Verified’s services and costs. 

Been Verified Overview

Founded in 2007 by Josh Levy and Ross Cohen, Been Verified is a background search company that provides its users with access to its database of aggregated public information. The company is one of the most popular of the online background search sites and is based in New York. In 2013 Been Verified made number 26 on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the state of New York.

Using Been Verified, you need to just enter a name in the search tool and you will be able to locate addresses, phone numbers, relatives, court records, and more. Been Verified works on an auto-renewed subscription-based business model and offers two different plans and many different services.

Been Verified Services

BeenVerified offers its users a large array of services they can use to track down specific or general information about individuals within the US. They include:

People Search- Been Verified’s people search tool goes through billions of data points across many public databases and provides you with a report that may include addresses, contact information, social media accounts, criminal records, employment history and more. This tool is useful if you are trying to find a lost relative or old friend that you have fallen out of touch with. 

Reverse Phone Lookup- A reverse phone search works with cellphones and landlines, even if the numbers are unpublished or unlisted and provides you with the information of the person who’s number you have provided. This is useful if there is a mystery caller or company that you need to find. 

Email Lookup- By inputting an email address, Been Verified’s Email Lookup tool will search millions of public records in order to identify the owner of the email address you have provided. This tool is great if someone is emailing you and you wish to know if the sender is scamming you or you just wish to know the exact identity of someone emailing you. 

Been Verified Overview

Reverse Address Lookup/ Property Owner Search- If you are interested in finding information about the owner of a home or who owns a certain office space, the Reverse Address Lookup tool can potentially provide you with the name of the current and previous owners, the value of the property, sales history, and neighborhood safety date. This is useful if you are looking to purchase real estate or if you are trying to remember who lived at a specific address.  

Public Records- Been Verified’s Public Records search has taken advantage of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which governs the release of government agency public records and has helped make government records publicly available. The tool provides you with all the public records available separated by the state and the county where the record is located. If you are trying to build a family tree, or find a relative's birth certificate, this is the tool that will best assist.

Criminal/ Arrest Records- The Criminal Records search offers two ways of searching for public criminal records. The first is by the state and county where the record is located. The second way is by searching someone's name and city, and the results will show you if that person has a criminal record that is publicly listed. This type of search is used mostly for researching potential employees or tenants and you are worried they have a criminal past. 

 how much is Been Verified

Background Checks- Been Verified background checks search through millions of public records that the service has aggregated to create a report on your query. a background check may reveal a person’s address, phone number, email address, family members, and social media information. This tool is ideal if you are trying to find information about a blind date you are being set up on, or someone you just met on a dating application. 

White Pages Lookup- The White Pages Lookup is a directory tool that lists residential phone numbers by name. Generally, the information available may also include a name, associated addresses, and phone numbers.

The information that is put into the reports is taken from public records. Public records can change however, a divorce record can be added, or a fresh criminal charge. As an additional free service, Been Verified offers a monitoring feature that will refresh the search on all the individuals about who you have requested reports every 30 days and notify you if there are any new records. 

Been Verified Costs

Been Verified currently offers two different plans that allow for unlimited usage of the services mentioned above:

  • 1-month membership - $26.89 /month
  • 3-month membership - $17.48/month

Been Verified also has a mobile application for both iOS and Android which allows you to access all the information available from your account on the go. The apps are free to download but in order to use the service, you will need to purchase a mobile plan starting at less than $20/month. 


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