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Been Verified People Search Service: How Does Been Verified People Search Service Work

by Maria S.

Been Verified People Search, People Search Been Verified

People Search Been Verified: How Does Been Verified Work?

These days that information is spreading so fastly and easily, it could be challenging to distinguish what's true and what's fake. Thanks to The Freedom of Information Act, agency records are subject to disclosure and can be accessed by any American. It is a pillar of democracy as well as an important principle of transparency.

Based on the principle of the right to information, federal agencies are obliged to transmit their documents to anyone who requests them, regardless of their nationality. Background checks websites allow the general public to overstep all administrative procedures and easily access to public records. Been Verified is one of the well-known background check site. We'll here explain to you how the People Search service of Been Verified works.

Been Verified People Search

Been Verified Overview

Founded in 2007 by Josh Levy and Ross Cohen, Been Verified is a background search company that provides its users with access to its database of aggregated public information. The company is one of the most popular of the online background search sites and is based in New York. In 2013 Been Verified made number 26 on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the state of New York.

With Been Verified's People Search service, you need to just enter a name in the search tool, and you will be able to locate addresses, phone numbers, relatives, court records, and more. Been Verified works on an auto-renewed subscription-based business model and offers two different plans and many different services.

Been Verified Costs

There are two options for subscribing to Been Verified, these two memberships are automatically renewed:
  • 1 Month Membership for $26.89 per month
  • 3 Month Membership for $17.48 per month
The membership will give you access to unlimited background reports, unlimited contact information, unlimited phone lookups, unlimited email lookups, unlimited address lookups, unlimited criminal records, four ways to search and discover, all of this in only few seconds. You'll also get a bonus benefit by being notified when reports change.

Been Verified People Search

Been Verified Services and Features

Been Verified offers a large number of different services on its platform. They include:

People Search - Been Verified's people lookup service allows you to find family members, relatives, lost friends, or to find more information on your dates. 

Criminal Records - Also known as a rap sheet, criminal records contain a person's criminal history such as convictions, arrests, or even court, driving and arrest records.

Public Records- When running a background check with Been Verified, you'll uncover information such as property records, addresses, phone numbers, and any information that is contained in an official reporting of facts available to the general public.

Reverse Phone Lookup- The reverse phone service of Been Verified allows you to search who called or texted you (or anyone else...) and get the owner's name, address, email and more. 

Reverse Address Lookup- Are you curious to know who owns a property or who lives next door? You are interested in buying an apartment in this specific building? Get all the information that you need with the reverse address lookup, such as home values, deed history and much more.

Email Search- The email lookup tool will give you access to the person's identity and additional contact information. With 3.9 billion email users and 293 billion emails being sent every day, you may wonder who's behind and for what purpose someone contacts you.

How Does Been Verified Work? 

Been Verified combs through billions of data points across dozens of public databases in order to prepare up-to-date reports that uncover personal and public information about a person. These reports let you see a complete picture of any person of your choice and help you to make important decisions, for example, who you rent your apartment to, who you're dating, learn more about the people you interact with online. All information gathered in the report come from official sources. It may include current and past addresses, employment history, criminal records if relevant, social media accounts and much more. You can use Been Verified's People Search service in order to find friends, lost family members, relatives, celebrities or even yourself...

BeenVerified People Search

Been Verified Review - The Bottom Line

Easy to use and with a clear and pleasant interface, Been Verified is a site that offers cutting-edge technology and pleasant user experience. In addition, it is one of the most trusted background checks site and has mostly positive reviews such as:

"I met a guy on an online dating site and he is not who he said he is. I'm very glad I used BeenVerified to find this out. Thank you so much." Roberta G. - West Virginia

"Been Verified has been incorporated into my daily routine and has become quite an asset for our company" James R. - Michigan

"Been Verified has been instrumental in discovering who my birth mother is. I now have the information I've waited 49 years to obtain. Thank you." Laura H. - West Virginia

However, the website says it scored 5 stars on 5 for its support and service on while it scores 3 stars on 5 which is probably due to really mixed comments with 120 people giving 5/5 and 110 giving only one star, which is something quite usual for background check websites. Overall, Been Verified is an easy-to-use service that helps you to stay in-the-know and look for interesting and useful information while being affordable.


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