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The Amazing Health Benefits of Women Cycling

by Garry S.

Women Cycling, Benefits of Women Cycling

The Amazing Health Benefits of Women Cycling

Cycling has been known to have various different benefits for both men and women. It is a sport we both do enthusiastically and sometimes it's even necessary for our well-being. Some people even go to and take part in spin classes to simulate the exercise when they want to get the same effect as cycling without going outside. Cycling can do wondrous things for women, especially in lowering the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke.

Most adults take part in some kind of strenuous physical activity for two days a week. However, when compared to men, women are less active. Women who do not consciously work out can incorporate some physical activity into their daily lives by adding cycling to their list of things to do. Cycling not only improves overall health and fitness but it is also great for the heart. Here are some of the amazing benefits of cycling that can improve your health.

1. Reduces the risk of obesity and Osteoarthritis

As far as arthritis is concerned, women face a triple threat – genetic predisposition, biology, and hormones. A lot of women have also started adding a recent factor to this scary three-factor list, which is obesity. A lot of women end up having osteoarthritis as they get older, which is the most common type of arthritis among women. Cycling cuts down the risk of osteoarthritis by helping women keep fit and active. When you cycle, your body burns approximately 300 calories per hour. Cycling is also much more gentle on the joints than running, climbing or even walking, and it helps preserve cartilage.

Women Cycling

2. It alleviates women's physical symptoms 

Women go through menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and eventually, menopause are all a part of a woman’s life. This sets women physically apart from men, and luckily, cycling can help manage pain during menstrual cycles. It keeps you healthy and can be fitted into your daily routine, no matter the time of the month.

3. It improves wellbeing and mental health

Cycling doesn’t just help in the physical realm; it also does wonders for the mind. The activity is fun to do and so it fills you with joy and boosts your self-confidence. This in turn, also helps you sleep better. Give yourself a break from life by taking part in this light, stress-free activity. Research shows that cycling for approximately 30 minutes a day can help you fall asleep in half the time it usually takes you. This can later increase your sleep from merely 6 or 7 hours to 7 or 8 hours. You might not know it, but this makes a significant difference to your health.

4. It reduces the risk of acquiring breast cancer

Physically active women show a lower risk of breast cancer when compared to women who are inactive. Being active reduces the risk of breast cancer in both premenopausal as well as postmenopausal women. Women who tend to increase their physical activity after menopause lower their risk of breast cancer.

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5. Provides you with lots of Vitamin D

When you’re out and about in the open, you’re bound to feel good. And one of the factors contributing to you feeling good is Vitamin D. Vitamin D facilitates normal functioning of your immune system and getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin D is vital for the development of teeth and bones. It also builds up your resistance against diseases.

6. Strengthens the heart

Riding a bike is an excellent way to strengthen your heart. Unfortunately, heart diseases, strokes and other forms of cardiovascular diseases have been proven to be the number one killers of women. While heart disease death rates among men have declined steadily over the last 25 years, rates among women have fallen at a slower rate.  Structured cycling as part of a formal workout routine is known to guard against cardiovascular illness.

7. Builds self-esteem and self-confidence

An under-estimated aspect of cycling is also how it helps to strengthen your self-esteem and general sense of self-worth. As you start to get fit, your confidence grows. Trying on new challenges and accomplishing new goals can be enormous confidence boosters for women of all ages and riding a bike can instantly make you feel happier, lighter and more energetic. Exploring new destinations beyond your neighborhood, on a cycle also gives you a sense of independence. And when your thighs are feeling sore at the end of a session, you will feel comforted knowing you have achieved something difficult and enjoy a sense of empowerment.  

8. Helps you sleep better

At Stanford University School of Medicine, researchers have recently found that cycling for 20-30 minutes daily helped people with sedentary insomnia fall asleep twice as fast, and increase their sleeping by nearly an hour. Indeed, cycling is a known stress-relieving activity. It helps your heart pump blood smoothly in your body, and relieves mental pressure, calming anxieties. Plus, regular cycling can prevent you from gaining excess weight as you age which can prevent sleep apnea.

Cycling does wonders for your body. It also builds up endurance, strengthens the muscles, boosts your immunity, and improves overall health. Besides all the physical and mental benefits of cycling, it's also a purely fun activity to take part in. Thanks to cycling, you can stay fit without putting in much of an effort. That's why it is an activity you can enjoy once you give it a try.

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