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Best Apps for Recipes Based on Ingredients: Make the Most Out of Everything You Buy

by Kelly B.

Cooking Apps, Apps for Recipes Based on Ingredients

Top Apps for Recipes Based on Ingredients

Have you ever found yourself looking into your fridge or cabinet and wondering what you should cook that day? Unfortunately, food does not come with an extended shelf life. You have to either consume everything you bought, or you have to throw away food once it is no longer fresh and safe for consumption.

There is a delicious alternative to throwing away food, however. All you have to do is download one of the best apps for recipes based on ingredients. These apps let you find recipes for the ingredients that you already own. Once you inform the app about what kind of recipes you are looking for, it showcases various preparations for a particular ingredient.

With some of these apps, you can input a few ingredients that you intend to work with, and the app shows you recipes that make use of all of those ingredients. These recipes keep food interesting, increase the chances of you consuming your ingredients instead of throwing it away, and it does so at the touch of a button.

Cooking Apps

Which Apps will Help You Make the Best of Your Ingredients?

If you are looking for the best apps for recipes based on ingredients, then look no further than this list for the best apps available on the internet.


An App that places a heavy emphasis on social media networking, CookPad lets you post your recipes online so other users can find it, and even ask you questions about it should they want to. Complete with a chatbox that lets users connect, CookPad is available both for Android and iOS.

However, the premium service, which comes at $2.99 is not available all over the world. Customers who speak certain languages, such as Indonesian, Arabic and Spanish can pay for the premium services as they are at present only available in those languages. Much of the content on CookPad is generated by the users, making it a social cooking experience where you can both find recipes and network with friends and family at the same time.


BigOven Recipes

What if you wanted to find recipes based on not just one ingredient but three? BigOvenRecipes takes into consideration that you may have more than one ingredient you need to work with. That is why you can select from up to three ingredients, and the app will show you recipes incorporating all three.

Best of all, BigOven lets you access recipes from portals other than its own, and it also allows you to take pictures off and upload your family recipes. The app is available for free on both Android and iOS. You can buy their premium mode for $1.99 monthly or an annual subscription of $12.99. The premium membership removes ads, improves your search filter and lets you upload unlimited recipes.

BigOven Recipes


If you want to combine hunting for recipes with a bit of fun, then Epicurious is the perfect app for you. The app comes with categories that will keep you engaged with exploring and you can find reviews that help you in deciding what you want to cook.

There are also additional fun features, like a statistical indication of how likely people are to prepare a certain recipe. It also lets you save favorite recipes so you can keep note off and conveniently purchase your ingredients the next time you go to the shop.



One of the most popular food recipe apps available; this app keeps things interesting in food. The app version uses a 'Dinner Spinner', a unique approach where you have to inform the app on what your core ingredient is, how long your cooking time and what kind of meal you are preparing, example breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything in between. The app then recommends various recipes that fit those criteria and satisfy your desire for delicious, interesting food.


If you have these apps on your phone, you know that you will not have to throw away food any time soon. Make the most of everything you buy with these best apps for recipes based on ingredients.

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