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Most Popular Baby Boy Names for 2018

by Perry H.

Baby Boy Names 2018 Unique, Top Baby Boy Names 2018

Best Baby Boy Names in 2018

Congratulations. You just got the results of your ultrasound and it's a boy! This is the moment you have been waiting for. There are so many things to do. There are so many purchases to be done and arrangements to be made. You are over the moon and you can't wait for your baby boy to arrive. You have decided on the wallpaper for the nursery, purchased a crib, baby bed with blue mattress and also bought loads and loads of baby clothing right from tees to pants to onesies to denims to caps and booties. You are all set to welcome your new bundle of joy home. 

There is one thing which you and your partner are unable to come to a consensus about. And that is the name of your darling baby boy. You want a short name; your partner wants a longer one. You want a name that is easy to pronounce while he wants a name that is unique whether or not it is easy to pronounce. There are multiple such points you guys are arguing on while trying to finalize a name for your munchkin. The sheer number of options available when you look up online only adds to the confusion and leaves you overwhelmed. 

Baby Boy Names 2018 Unique

To ease out your lives, we have compiled a brief list of some of the most popular baby boy names of 2018. We have tried to be as varied as possible so that you do not have to look elsewhere for a perfect name for your new arrival.

If you are looking for baby boy names having a Latin origin, you should consider names like Lucas, Julian, Christian, Adrian, Dominic, Austin, Leo, Roman, Santiago or Vincent.

If you or your partner lean towards names having a Celtic origin, you should look at options like Ayden, Nolan, Kayden, Carson, Cameron, Connor, Brayden, Ryan, Aiden or Logan.

If you want simple names having English origins, you can consider naming your baby boy one of the below names - Carter, Jackson, Anthony, Grayson, Wyatt, Lincoln, Landon, Jack, Colton, Easton, Chase, Maverick, Tyler, Brandon, and Bentley.

If you are fascinated by Hebrew and want to name your child something having Hebrew origins, you can look at names like Noah, Elijah, Ethan, Jacob, Michael, Matthew, Benjamin, Daniel, Jayden, Joseph, Eli, Jonathan, Jordan, David, Gabriel, Isaiah, Joshua, Samuel, Mateo, Isaac, Ian, Aaron and Josiah.

If you are looking for Greek origin names, you can consider options like Alexander, Christopher, Andrew, Luke, Nicholas, Angel, and Jace.

Top Baby Boy Names 2018

A German fan? Looking for a German origin name for your baby boy? Consider options like Liam, Oliver, Henry, Robert, Carlos, Everett, Richard, Derek, Raymond, William, Hayden, Ricardo, Ellis, Louis, Frank or Jeffrey. 

Fancy a French name for your little prince? Take your pick from Thomas, Sacha, Noe, Noah, Clement, Liam, Rayan, Samuel, Simon, Yanis, Nathan, Timothee, Adrien, Axel, Enzo, Camille.

The above list of baby boys’ names is comprehensive enough for you to find something to your liking. When you are picking a name, also keep in mind your last name to ensure that it matches with the name you are picking for your son. At times even if the first name is unique and catchy, it simply does not go with the last name and appears to be completely mismatched. Choosing a name for your baby boy should ideally be a fun activity which will bring you and your partner together. Take the squabbles, debates for the name as it comes and shortlists a couple of prospective names. You could then decide by putting it up for vote amidst family and friends or by picking a chit. Good luck!


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