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Best Bank to Open Checking Account

by Billy T. K.

Checking Account, Best Bank to Open Checking Account

Top USA Banks to Open Checking Account

Checking bank accounts is one among the most vital accounts to check when it comes to your personal finances. It is the main point of your finance control center. It tells you where your money is coming from, where it is getting spent etc. Hence it is important to pick the best bank for holding your checking account with. Many banks give you extra perks like zero ATM fees, etc.

Now, let us look at some of the best banks that you could consider when opening a new checking account.

  • Charles Schwab Bank

The bank accounts here were initially meant only for Schwab investors. They have many features such as no minimum balance to be maintained, fewer fees and the ability to use any ATM across the world without any access fees. The flipside is that you cannot deposit cash in this account. Other than that, it offers all the features that you would get in an online banking account like free account transfers, free debit card, etc. The biggest peek here is that there are no foreign ATM charges and Schwab reimburses you for charges deducted by ATMs of other banks across the world. This is a boon if you travel regularly.

Checking Account

  • Ally Bank

Ally Bank offers accounting features like easy phone access to the customer support team, a 10-dollar reimbursement amount for each statement cycle showing ATM fees cut by other banks, etc. They also offer you attractive interest rates for your checking account. Fees for regular activity using this checking account are negligible. You get a cashier's check free, but you cannot deposit cash here. But since we are anyways going cashless, it should not be too much of an issue.

Best Bank to Open Checking Account

  • Capital One

They give you some of the best and cutting edge technology and features with your checking account along with the standard perks of no minimum balance, no fees for usual banking activities etc. They were one of the first banks to offer remote deposit from your phone. They give you a great online experience with their powerful apps.

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  • Discover Bank

Discover Bank offers a convincing online checking account. It pays one percent cash back on up to purchases worth $3,000 each month.   This means you can earn about $360 per year in cash back itself. They do not charge you monthly fees nor do you need to maintain a minimum balance. Also, there are no charges for reordering of checks, debit card replacements, incoming wires etc. The account costs minimal but gives a wide range of benefits and features in return. The main flipside of this account is that their debit cards do not work with all merchants as Visa and MasterCard do.

Best Bank to Open a Checking Account with

  • USAA Federal Savings Bank

This is a financial institution only for military members and their families. Qualifying for membership here is extremely difficult. If you do manage, you get access to a wide range of features and benefits including financial products at very attractive rates. Their flagship checking account offers features like no monthly fee, no minimum balance, overdraft protection and even early access to your paychecks. You get all the features like any other bank via online and phone banking options.

Top USA Banks,

  • Chime

Chime is a mobile app based.  They aim to make your banking easy and seamless. There are no fees, no foreign transaction charges and a host of such features available. The mobile app is user-friendly and makes your banking simple. There are no complicated instructions to follow; you can do everything with a simple click of a phone button. It is the go-to bank for Millennials.

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