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May 2019

Find out how to pick a DSLR camera and get the best DSLR cameras for the best prices!

How to pick a DSLR camera based on your needs?

A DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera is, without doubt, the best type of camera available in the market for photography aficionados. The different models and options with this camera allow amateur and professional photographers to take brilliant photographs. There is a multitude of brands and models available in the market. So, which model should you choose? The answer is – choose one based on your needs. Let us discuss how to do this.

For Beginners

If you an amateur and are starting photography, and in the learning stage, you can look for a basic model. You would be mostly taking photographs at home or when you travel outside. You can use this model as a learning experience before you graduate to higher models. T3i, Sony Alpha 300 is some amateur camera models you can consider.

For Intermediate users

If you have experience in photography already and want to move to the next level, but are not yet ready to go professional, then there are semi-professional cameras available in the market. These have advanced features compared to basic models. Canon EOS 60D, Nikon D300, and Sony Alpha A77 are some options that can be considered.

DSLR Camera

For hardcore Professionals

If you are a professional photographer and taking photos is your job or passion, then you would need a camera with advanced features. More focus, use of technology would be what you are looking for. Sony Alpha A99, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, and Nikon D4 are examples of advanced models.

Selecting the brand

Some of the top brands in the camera industry are Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Pentax. The top brands are Nikon and Canon. You can select the brand, based on your experience with it. You can also look at the features and prices before deciding.


You need to have a budget. Apart from the camera, you may need a camera kit, and other accessories like memory cards, batteries, and lenses. You may also consider an extended warranty, particularly for higher-end models. So, make sure you consider all that you need before you decide on the budget. A DSLR can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. So, decide your budget before anything else. You can then visit retail outlets and also check out online deals.

Best DSLR Cameras


One of the most important factors that you would look for in a camera is its features.

  1. Sensor size: If you are a professional photographer, you would need a camera with a larger sensor size for best quality.
  2. Megapixels: This is nowadays a key criterion. A professional would need a camera with 20MP or more; amateurs can do with even 10MP. Remember, higher the megapixels, higher the cost.
  3. HD: Professionals would want high definition capabilities in the camera. This is useful if you are using your DSLR to take videos.
  4. Modes: The auto mode is used by default, but you need the manual mode to make settings yourself especially to control camera aperture and shutter speed.
  5. Editing: Professionals should look for a camera that allows you to edit pictures on the device without having to download it to a computer.
  6. Anti-shake: Anti-shake feature will help you to get a perfect photo, especially if you are on the move by stabilizing the photo.
  7. Burst mode: This helps you to take a series of images by just pressing one button. This is good for action or sports photos.

Points to keep in mind

While online sites may give you excellent offers, you would do well to hold the camera in your hand and check out how it feels. Check the camera and see if it fits into your hands comfortably. Also, check out the neck strap and other accessories before you buy. This ensures you can get the perfect DSLR of your choice.

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