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Best Free Fax Services You Can Use Online

by Eddie V.

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Top 5 Online Fax Services Free

There are still many countries on our planet like Japan, where sending faxes are still in fashion. Rather than sending cod emails, people in such countries are still fond of sending faxes. Such people feel it easier to write on papers and fee that it is better in comparison to exchanging emails.

It is imperative to note that in today’s world, there is no need to have dedicated fax machines for sending faxes. It is because you can send your faxes through computers. Hence, you do not need not to purchase heavy fax machines or spend a lot of money on these pieces of hardware.

Following are some of the finest free fax services that you can avail online without spending almost anything.

1. PamFax

In case you are yet to use PamFax earlier, it is time you start using this service to send your faxes, which can be integrated with Skype and is free. The site is highly secure and is quite popular as it supports various file formats apart from only DOC or PDF files, which a majority of online fax services need.

Free Fax Service

You have to simply upload the file, key in the relevant information about the recipient for sending faxes via PamFax. Alternatively, the desktop client for PamFax can be downloaded for Android, Linux, Windows, or Mac platforms. The desktop client application also offers superior printing choice and includes scanner support.

2. Popfax

You can use this online fax service for free on the trial period and send a fax from your PC. You do not need to install any kind of software, and their system can store your documents for the 30 days trial period. You can fax worldwide using this online service. Popfax makes it simpler to send faxes as new groups can be created with your existing contact lists.

The service also has a mail merging feature that enables users to send a fax to many people at the same tie. The service also permits its users to include personal information for each recipient. Popfax boasts a simple mobile interface that makes it a perfect choice to send faxes through a mobile device.

Online Fax Services Free

3. FaxZero

It is a fax service that permits its users to send two free faxes on each day. The user has to only fill up a simple form with the essential information required for sending the fax. An email is sent by FaxZero to notify about the fax status while it also offers a fast turnaround time.

4. RingCentral

The site enables a user to send up to a maximum of 150 faxes every month free of cost. You can get faxes from all kinds of fax machines while availing this online service. The service is compatible with both Mac and PC. It features a call controller to manage all the faxes sent by you. RingCentral enables you to receive, as well as, send faxes through the Internet with your email account or its service portal. RingCentral comprises of a large number of free monthly faxes, nil setup fee and makes it easier to send faxes.

5. MyFax

If a person wants to send faxes internationally, they can try out MyFax’s free fax promotion feature. MyFax enables its users to send up to one hundred free faxes every month and get two hundred faxes free of cost. He service enjoys compatibility with several file types and offers easy integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office. The fax service provides many features about account-management such as toll-free and local fax numbers, auto-resend, password protection, as well as many other ways for accessing support. The basic fax service from MyFax enables you to send one hundred fax pages, as well as, receive two hundred before charging a nominal fee of just 10 cents per page.


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