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Best Free Foreclosure Search Sites You Need to Know!

by Keren P.

Best Free Foreclosure Search Sites

You got it wrong if you think that real estate agents are the only source for a good deal on foreclosed and distressed properties or homes. There are plenty of free foreclosure search sites out there where you can find houses, REO (Real Estate Owned), pre-foreclosure, distressed and seized properties without the need to seek help from real estate business agents, all in the comforts of your home.

Many of these services are available online free of cost, or with a small subscription cost along with a free trial period.

For initiators, a foreclosure is a property or home belonging to the bank, which at one point was owned by a homeowner. Foreclosed house are abandoned homes or those houses that the banks seize when the house owner is unable to pay their debt.

Listed below are lists of foreclosure search sites that include Bank REO properties, distressed property listing services, foreclosed properties owned by the government, and those listed by brokers and real estate agents. All buyers will have to contact the assigned agent on the property detail page for more information on the listed foreclosed property.


Bank REO

REO homes are those properties that return to the lender after a buyer are not found even after a foreclosure auction. This is no way means that the home is in a bad state, and nobody wants to buy it. It only implies that the necessary opening bid was not met.

Listed below are a few bank REO search tools:

Wells Fargo REO
Bank of America REO
CitiMortgage REO
Huntington REO
Branch Banking & Trust REO
Fifth Third Bank REO
People's United Bank REO
PNC Financial Services REO
SunTrust Mortgage REO
Key Bank REO

Foreclosure Properties Owned by Government
Apart from banks and property lenders, the government owns a huge store of foreclosed houses, REOs properties, and properties acquired through other means such as FHA (Federal Housing Administration) and VA (Veterans Affairs) which are loan guarantee programs. These properties can be acquired by auction and usual sale.

Listed below are foreclosure search sites owned by governments:


IRS properties

REOs, Foreclosure and Distressed Property Listings

There are a few service websites that track REOs, foreclosures and various other distressed properties. These sites collect the list of all foreclosure data and enable people to search foreclosure properties on the Web. While some provide the information for free, others offer the service free for a period and then charge the users a subscription fee.

While basic information can be acquired for free, you can get access to detailed information (where the property is located, property used for an illegal purpose, environmental hazards) for a nominal fee.

Some of the popular service websites with free trial period include:

Foreclosed Homes

Foreclosure Listings by Real Estate Agents
There was a time when real estate agents and brokers hesitated to talk openly about foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, REOs, and distressed homes. However, situations have changed now, and real estate agents happily share their huge database of such properties on their websites.

Some of them include:
The Realtor does the job of aiding people to buy and sell homes while connecting them with professional agents at the same time.  While focuses on the US market, enables people to search for foreclosure homes from across 33 countries.

Trulia’s well-designed search system offers a pre-defined filter that helps visitors find foreclosure properties in the communities that they search. After performing a basic search by ‘town,' you must use the ‘More' search filter and then select ‘Foreclosures’ for the type of sales listing.

Zillow’s advanced search capability enables you to find foreclosure properties based on various criteria, and that includes cost and neighborhood among others. Zillow also provides FAQs and buying guides for your help.



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