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Get to Know the Best Free Texting Apps for iPhone and iPad!

by Eddie V.

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Free iPhone & iPod touch Texting Apps

Texting is, pretty much, the standard way of communicating with people these days. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that texting has probably overtaken actual speech as the number one way to communicate. And this is no surprise.

Think about, do you text your friends more or speak to them? We’re willing to bet a good amount of money it’s the former.

Anyway, if you are an iPhone user, you probably have “Messages” as your default messaging app. However, there’s a possibility you may not like it. If you’re an iPod Touch user, you probably don’t even have that option.

Well, there’s nothing to fret about. The best part about using smartphones and apps is that you always have third-party options. There are a large number of free texting apps that you can use instead. We’ve listed out some of the most popular ones right below.

BBM - Blackberry Messenger

BBM or Blackberry Messenger was the standard messaging application in Blackberry phones and probably their best feature. So, it only made sense to make it available across platforms. Why not cash in on your best product, right?

Anyway, the BBM is a free texting tool that lets you know if your friends have read your messages and whether or not they were replying. Other than that, it lets you send animation and other fun elements like stickers. BBM could do that before any other in-house messaging app could.

You can even make calls with BBM, share files, share your location, etc. It’s a solid texting app, and it’s free.

blackberry messenger
Facebook Messenger

Now, Facebook’s Messenger isn’t a texting app per se. It’s more of a chat app. However, it has features that allow it to be categorized as a texting app. For starters, it’s a standalone app, which means you don’t need the Facebook app to use it.

You can stay in touch with your FB friends via the Messenger app and not use the Facebook application. So, you can cut down on your social media usage, while still staying connected to your friends on FB

Messenger lets you send text messages, videos, images, stickers, GIFs, emojis and a whole lot more.

Facebook Messenger
Google Hangouts

Are you a major Google user? Are you someone who prefers to be signed into Google and make the most of the seamless connectivity it offers between all its applications? If yes, Google Hangouts is your best friend.

The chat/messaging app is a proprietary Google product. It keeps you linked to all your other Google products such as Google Music or Gmail, which means you can switch and multitask with ease. But, more importantly, the Hangouts app can help you share images, text, videos, and plenty of other stuff.


Also, you can chat with people across device types. What that means is you can communicate with people who’re using the same app via their desktop. To put it simply, it’s not mandatory for both to have mobile devices. Hangouts are accessible via your computer as well.

Google Hangouts

WhatsApp is the biggest and most popular of them all. It’s got over a million users, and it’s available across platforms. So, you can connect with everybody. It doesn’t matter whether they’re using Android, iOS or any other OS.

Now, one of WhatsApp’s greatest features is that you can connect with people using their mobile numbers, just like you would with your Messages app. There’s no need to add people or send out requests. Just the number will do.

As for messaging features, you can send out images, videos, and text. Plus, it has an end to end encryption, making your communication super private.

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