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Need a Video Chat App for Your Computer? Here are the Best Ones!

by Garry S.

Video Chat App, Video Chat App for Android

Best Apps for Free Video Chat on Computers

If a picture equals a thousand words, a video equals much more. You not only hear the voice of someone you connect with but also see that person. The switch on of both senses takes the experience to another level. An increasing number of Internet-savvy people now make video calls. Video chats have overflowed their intended market catering to businesses and corporates and are now used to connect to friends and relatives too. Most video chats occur between office colleagues sitting at different geographical locations.

It is to be kept in mind video chats are not a substitute for a face-to-face meeting. It is a perfect way to hold meetings at nominal expense thanks to the ever-plummeting internet calling rates. Most video callers use a laptop to visually connect with each other. The following list lists apps which can convey data over different signals, like a user video calling from an Apple laptop to a Windows one. The scenario also includes video calls made between Apple phones and Android phones. Mobile to computer capable apps are included.

Video Chat App

This app is known to everyone and can be used only if both you and the person you wish to call has Skype installed. The now Microsoft owned app is one of the longest-running apps in this category. You can make video calls through this app regardless of the Operating System being employed at the two ends. Apple users can download the app from the company's app store. For Android users, Google Play is the source of the Skype app. Calling between two Skype users is completely free. The Skype software can be installed on Mac and Windows computers.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app is familiar to anyone who connects to others via Facebook. The messenger app of this Social Media app began as a plain texting app but now supports video calls. To make a call through this app, tap the friend's name who you want to call, and tap the video call icon. Facebook Messenger can be used to make calls both from your cell phone and laptop. To do this from your laptop, visit the Facebook website in your preferred browser. Click the contact name from the contact list located on the site's right side. If you are unable to see Facebook contacts, then click the Options icon located in the right corner. You can call and receive calls from both laptop and mobiles. The browser does not matter, and calls can be made from Opera, Firefox, or Google Chrome.

Video Chat App for Android

Google Duo

This app works for both Android and Apple devices. Both video and audio calls can be made sans any calling charge. The sole downside is as this app is new, not many people know about it and much less use it. You can, however, ask them to download the app so that you can speak to them. To make a call, bring the app on to your mobile screen and then tap the Contacts or New Call button. Tap the name of the person you want to talk to. The video connection is immediate. An extra advantage of this app over others is the Knock Knock feature. It allows you to see who calls you prior to answering.

WhatsApp Messenger

This is another free app to make video calls compatible with Android, iPhones, and iPads devices. This app allows you to text another person, enable voice calls, and also video calls. To make a video call, tap the Video camera icon. The call initiates immediately. Both Macs and Windows are supported, meaning video calls can be made from laptops as well.


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