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Best Gif Maker Sites You Will Love!

by Kelly B.

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Best Websites to Generate a GIF

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) are animated files made by combining three or more images. They are used to express varied emotions in a fun and effective way. GIFs have become popular across all social media platforms. Even businesses and organizations are using it for marketing and as instruction, guides to reach out to their customers or employees.

People also use it frequently while texting each other. Whatever emotion, idea, or response you want to convey there is a GIF for it. In case you don't find a GIF that exactly expresses what you intend to, then you can create your GIF on the internet. Moreover, it does not require much time or expertise. The GIFs use lesser storage space too.

Gif Maker

In this guide, we list the best websites you can use to create your GIF. You need to keep your images or video stills ready. Choose a website, upload the images, customize (optional) and then click on the generate button. Then, you can download the GIF and start sharing.

The websites listed below are not in a specific order; they are all easy to use and free.  

MemeCenter GIF maker - Since memes are popular, this website is popular too. This website has a snazzy and easy user interface for creating a GIF. You can also edit your images and customize them before generating a GIF. 

MemeCenter GIF maker

Makeagif - This website allows you to convert even webcam videos to GIF, apart from video snippets or images. By getting a premium account you will get your GIFs without watermarks and you can also opt for HD quality GIFs.


Picasion - This website allows you to add pictures directly from Picasa or Flickr. It also provides glitter effects and an option for creating the avatar.


Gickr - Similar to Picasion, this website lets you import pictures from Picasa or Flickr apart from uploading from the desktop. Gickr lets you customize the speed of the GIFs along with the image sizes.


BlogGIF - This offers a variety of tools to add glitter, effects, colors, etc. In this website, it is possible to add music to your GIF and also break down an existing GIF. You can explore and create interesting GIFs easily here. 


Giphy - This website is a well-known source for GIFs, as they have a huge collection of GIFs for every theme. This website offers various editing tools to create GIFs. It is mostly chosen for creating GIFs for business purposes.


GIFPAL - This website allows you to upload up to 48 images or frames to create a GIF. The unique feature of this website is that it allows editing of images individually before making a GIF. Videos from the webcam can also be imported and converted to GIFs.  

GIFPAL - Simple website. It supports images in PNG and GIF formats too, other than the usual JPEG format. This website offers a preview tool that helps to have a look at the animation before generating it as a GIF.

And then I was like… - This website helps create GIFs using only a webcam. You need to record the video and select the specific frames to make a GIF. 

And then I was like…

GifGear - This website has some unique tools. It allows adding several effects between consecutive frames like pixilation, overlay, fade, etc. It also helps you customize the duration of each frame such that an image may appear for 5 seconds, and the next image may appear for 2 seconds.


The websites listed above are some of the best available online. Check them all and find out which website helps you create the GIFs that catches everyone’s fancy.

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