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Best Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

by Kelly B.

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Home Designers You Have to Know!

Instagram is a visual medium, and this is why it's a joy for travel bloggers, fashion models, and designers to use to advertise their services. If you're planning to redecorate or move into a new place and want interior decoration tips and hacks, you'd most likely get on Pinterest or Instagram today instead of poring over magazines for hours on end looking for the aesthetic that appeals to you.

Industrial/organic or minimalist – there are designers for every school of style representing on Instagram. Here’s a selection of the best home designers to follow on Instagram to get your daily dose of design hacks and suggestions.

Best Home Designers

Standout Interior Design Accounts on Instagram

@jeremiahbrent – Jeremiah Brent stands above most interior designers on Instagram on the strength of his storytelling. He not only posts photos of rooms that he's decorated – fusing old design styles with the new. He also goes a step forward, and shares paint palettes and style notes which will enable his audience to recreate the same, shall they so desire.

Jeremiah Brent

@joannalaven – Joanna Laven’s interior design efforts center around statement furniture. Her style is modernist and cutting edge, reminiscent of a posh art gallery more than a suburban home. She's fond of using geometric patterns and you'll find a lot of these in her work. She curates IG posts of other interior designers as well as posting her work.

Joanna Laven

@dactylion_design – Hanne Gathe is an established interior decorator who has worked with high-end interior décor firms in London such as Jump Studio, Fiona Barratt Interiors, Foster + Partners, and so on. She is currently engaged in overseeing the renovation work of Britannia Hotel in Trondheim as part of her work with Metropolis Arkitektur & Design, Oslo.

Hanne Gathe

@houseofbrinson – Husband and wife duo, William and Susan Brinson have documented how the photographer and stylist couple have renovated their heritage family property – Stonyford Estate. Alongside interior decoration tips, they also share their knowledge of entertaining guests, serving up delicious meals, and so on.

William and Susan Brinson

@kellywearstler – Kelly Wearstler is the queen of vintage interior design. Want your house to emanate the 70s vibe? You know whose IG page you should be following. Kelly uses bold prints and patterns unabashedly in trying to affect the authentic vintage look that she loves and popularizes.

Kelly Wearstler

@justinablakeney -  Justina Blakeley is the pioneer of the “jungalow” space. What’s a jungalow? It’s basically a well-designed but comfortable interior space with ample greenery and shrubbery in the form of potted plants. The result is a relaxed housing space which doesn’t compromise on comfort for style and gives off a natural vibe. For more insight, follow her Instagram page and you will get a better idea of what we mean.

Justina Blakeley

@pierre.yovanovitch – Pierre Yovanovitch creates dreamscapes. One look at his "Oops" collection and you'll know it. He doesn't shy away from fantasies and flamboyance. Do you want a flaming pink ostrich in your living room? He'll probably create one for you. Either way, his IG page is proof that you can personalize your living space all you want without making guests uncomfortable.

Pierre Yovanovitch

Decorate the House You Want

All of us subscribe to different styles and sensibilities, and that's okay. There's a variety of different schools of styles to pick from when it comes to designing your house. You can go geometric, rustic or functional – you choose! If you are unable to afford yourself an interior designer, borrow tips from the Instagram pages of these tried and tested interior design gurus. You won’t go wrong! May you be able to design yourself the house of your dreams.


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