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Best Indie Music Sites

by Garry S.

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Indie Music Sites You Will Love!

Often, talented musicians fall under the radar of record labels. These record labels mostly cater to popular taste and can sometimes overlook skill and talent if they feel their soundscape is to niche to sell. While some musicians give up eventually, most musicians struggle to keep doing what they like on their own. If they're lucky, they are picked up by the movie, video game, and TV show producers to add their soundtracks. Once they get noticed on these soundtracks, they may or may not go on to be signed by a record label. 

Best Indie Music Sites

As long as a band or musician works independently outside a record label, they are classified as indie (i.e., short for independent) musicians. If you're somebody who likes the indie sound, you may have a difficult time finding new indie music. Sure, you can spend hours searching through YouTube. These following websites, however, can make finding fresh indie musicians and bands to listen to, less of an ordeal. Check them out –

Websites to Discover Indie Music

She Shreds – The She Shreds magazine is available online as well as in print. It is a Canadian enterprise and strives to build a database of all women guitarists and bassists in the malestream music industry.

She Shreds

Hype Machine – Hype Machine is less of a website and more of a content aggregator. It scours through hundreds of music blogs on the Internet to add to its webpage and present you with new tracks daily. You can filter these tracks by genre. So if you’re a rock aficionado, you can choose indie rock as your genre of choice, punk for those who like their music a little louder and so on.

Hype Machine

MixCloud – MixCloud is the best place for EDM listeners to find their share of new music. MixCloud makes you artist recommendations based on the tracks that you have already listened to. Here too, you can narrow down the content via genre by visiting their Categories section.


IndieSound – IndieSound resembles SoundCloud quite a bit. Like SoundCloud, it allows artists to upload their music online and interact with fans directly. Indie Sound enables its audience to select from a variety of genres. The artists listing their tracks on Indie Sound may sometimes also make their tracks available for download. They are still wondering if you should check this site out?

Indie Sound

New Noise – Yet another magazine on our list. The New Noise magazine is published in print and only every 45 days. If you're fond of punk, metal, rock and other hardcore music styles, you must check this webpage out. They also have a different page for hip hop, though not quite as popular as their original webpage. New Noise is fairly new, having only been in business for the last three years. However, it has managed to gain itself steady followership within this time and is not to be underappreciated for the fresh new indie music that it brings to the table.

New Noise

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Popular music may not appeal to all of us, and that's okay. However, if your musical sensibilities are a little offbeat, it can become a bit of a task for you to find new music to rock out to. Yes, there are websites like NME and Pitchfork and so on but you will find that these mostly post content about names that are already established in the music scene. The websites listed above will help you find music that's fresh, original, and authentic. What could be better than discovering a new favorite album? The answer is – not a lot, especially so, if you happen to be an audiophile.


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