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Stock Trading and More: These are the Top Investment Courses

by Billy T. K.

Stock Trading, Best Investment Courses

Best Investment Courses

If you are thinking to get a course done on investment, consider the following courses. They are some of the best courses available on investments from some of the most reputed universities in the world. Here’s a sneak peek into them.

Investment management specialization

This specialization is offered by the University of Geneva. The course teaches you how investment strategies are designed to reach financial goals in a global context. In this investment course, you will learn about theories that make up investment decisions and you will get on hand experience in dealing with real-world skills which come in very handy when you make investment proposals or manage your own personal assets.  The specialization has 5 courses in total which includes Understanding Financial Markets, Meeting Investors’ Goals, Portfolio and Risk Management, Securing Investment Returns in the Long Run and Planning your Client’s Wealth over a 5-year Horizon.

Stock Trading

Investment and Portfolio Management Specialisation

This course is offered by Rice University and is a four-course Specialisation in which you will be taught all the skills you would need for portfolio management and personal investing. This course teaches you the skills which you would need in practical life which is a must in designing and evaluating investment proposals. The four courses are as follows- Global Financial Markets and Instruments, Portfolio Selection and Risk Management, Biases and Portfolio Selection, Investment Strategies and Portfolio Analysis.

Financial Markets and Investment Strategy Specialisation

Financial Markets and Investment Strategy Specialisation is a comprehensive course offered by The Indian School of Business. This specialization uses portfolio management to teach professional asset management of securities. Not only does the course introduces you to the basics of finance, and teaches you to evaluate risk and the expected rate of return but also the behavioral aspect of investment strategy. The five courses it comprises of are as follows- Introduction to Financial Markets, Portfolio and Risk Management, Behavioral Investing, Investment Strategy, and Financial Markets and Investment Strategy Capstone.

How to Invest Money

Investments I: Fundamentals of Performance Evaluation

This course is offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If you want to know about the ruling principles in the world of trading, this course would be ideal for you. In addition to principles of trading, the course also teaches you about the concepts of security pricing and portfolio management. This course offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign gives you a comprehensive guide about trading and its risk factors. Also, the course will provide you with all the technical know-how you need to know to interpret as well as estimate regressions. The main target of teaching this course is to get a clear idea of the basic concepts of investment finance and the ability to execute firm-valuation techniques in practical life.

Investments II: Lessons and Applications for Investors

This course is good even for those learners who had not completed "Investments I: Fundamentals of Performance Evaluation.” This is so because the first module of the course gives you a brief review of the fundamentals of investments and an in-depth analysis of regression.  What is the most exciting part of this course is that it includes quite a few innovative features, such as creative introductions which is instantly followed by "Module in 60" countdowns that give you the key points that were taught in each module? What’s more, it offers four interview episodes with renown professors in the field of finance known as “Faculty Focus” and lastly, an animated summary of each module. Isn’t it exciting?

Hope these above-mentioned courses will help you in choosing the best course in investment according to your preferences.


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