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May 2019

Best iPad Cases! Top iPad Cases for your iPad! The perfect Cheap Christmas Gifts ideas!

How to Pick an iPad Case for your iPad

After you purchase an iPad for yourself, you will be buying accessories for your iPad. One of the first things that you are buying is an iPad cover. You can buy the right cover by finding out the model number of your iPad.

The Apple iPad provides everything you’d want in a tablet at an affordable price, including a vibrant 9.7-inch screen and a marathon battery life. Selecting the right case to add some personality to Apple’s minimalist design as well as ensure your iPad is safe during travel, is a good buy.

Here are some of the iPad cases that are available for you to purchase

1. Moko Case

It is an affordable and straightforward case that offers a combined hard, clear, plastic shell case that is accurately cutout with a durable, polyurethane cover that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. The cover also has a typical three-fold design, that enables it to be used as a stand for propping up your iPad at various angles. It has a soft, microfiber lining inside, and the cover also supports the automatic sleep/wake function.

iPad Cases

2. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case

It is an excellent choice if you want rugged protection, and your budget is limited. It has an inner layer that absorbs shock impact if you drop or bump your iPad. It also has a hard polycarbonate around the outside to deflect scrapes. The built-in screen protector ensures that your display remains in excellent condition. It has port covers to prevent dust and debris from settling in, and it also has a kickstand at the back to prop up your iPad for a landscape view. The Supcase provides a decent level of protection at a low price.

3. Zagg Rugged Case

The Rugged Book is featured with a full QWERTY keyboard with backlit keys that you can customize. The keyboard is relatively well-spaced, and typing on it is quite comfortable. The shell case that your iPad will be placed into is combined with a soft-padded interior that has polycarbonate and steel to protect your iPad. It can snap in and out of the magnetic hinge pretty quickly, You can either use or ditch the keyboard as and when you require it, but your iPad remains protected.

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4. Noreve Tradition B Case

It is a well-designed leather case that is available in real or synthetic leather with different textured finishes and a wide range of colors. The Noreve case is handmade in France. It is a stylish and practical option that opens to reveal a cover with several handy slots in it. Open it up, and there is a  kickstand that can be folded and it enables you to prop up the tablet in landscape view. The case also has cutouts for the ports and buttons. It’s an expensive case,  but the quality shines through.

5. Moshi Versacover Origami Case

Moshi’s folding Versacover origami cover has natural folds that you can use to set-up your iPad in the perfect angle to facilitate easy reading, browsing, or video watching in both portrait and landscape positions. It has built-in magnets that also supports your iPad’s sleep/wake function, to ensure that your iPad isn’t wasting excess battery while displaying the screen when it is covered. It has a shock-absorbing frame that holds your iPad tightly, Preventing any kind of accidental mistakes. The case covers the display completely when it is not in use, thereby shielding that vulnerable area from harm.

The quality and features of an iPad case are something that you must check before picking the best one for your iPad.

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