Best iPhone Charger Best iPhone Chargers and How to Choose an iPhone Charger!

May 2019

Need a new iPhone charger? We list the best iPhone chargers you can buy anytime!

Best iPhone Chargers

Apple uses a lightning connector for charging its devices. This is unlike any other kind of smartphone or headphone. Apple adopted the lightning charging cable about six years ago, and they are a bit more expensive than your standard micro-USB cable. While there was a time when customers had to rely only on expensive Apple replacements, today there are a lot of options of high quality, durable and affordable lightning cables to choose from. A lot of these third accessories are also Apple certified.

Compared to Android handsets, the standard iPhone of similar configurations consumes more power. The stock charging accessories are often slow which leads to frustration from the side of consumers. Mentioned below are some of the best iPhone lighting charging cables that are available on the market today.

  • Syncwire iPhone Charger- This is an Apple MFI-10 certified charger that boasts of an incredibly high charging speed. Its sturdy eight pin design is compatible with most iPhones. It is best suited of iPhone 7 and eight which will lead to higher product life. Most wire coverings, wrinkle, break or develop permanent kinks. They often get entangled and turn into a mess. Syncwire charging cables come with a plastic cloth jacket that is flexible and durable at the same time. The wire can be bent over 12000 times without breaking it or causing any kind of damage. This makes it ideal for users who are heavily bent towards using iPhones.
iPhone Charger

  • AmazonBasics USB A to Lightning- It is important to ensure that the charger on uses is of high quality. If a cheap and low-quality cable is used, then there is a chance of the charging system getting damaged. Also, cheap charging cables often have very poor charge rate. AmazonBasics comes with braided nylon covering and has a total length of 6 feet. This means that the user can easily use the iPhone from a comfortable location after plugging it into a charging socket. The product is Apple MFI certified, and the cable is compatible with most iPhones. It is designed for safe and efficient operations with all versions of iPhone X. This cable is also compatible with an iPad as well.
  • Puridea Extra Long Charger Cable- Extra-long chargers are in demand today as they offer the freedom and flexibility to charge and operate the phone from a comfortable location at the same time. Each pack of Puridea chargers has three smart chip chargers that are compatible with almost all models of the iPhone. The adaptive, non-MFI chips in these chargers offer decent anti-voltage protection. They also guard the phone against overheating and overflow of current. These charging cables are a bit fragile and kink a bit too easily. However, the design of the chargers is of the best quality, and it offers very fast charging. The cable is durable enough to survive 90,000 bends without any kind of damage. There are also protective springs to ensure covered contact with surfaces.
Best iPhone Chargers

  • AOFU Cable Charger- AOFU has been called one of the best brands of iPhone cable chargers in 2018. Each packet of AOFU contains 3 sets of cables measuring 10, 6 and 3 feet in length. These cables support most Apple devices. They come in protective nylon braided coating that is extremely sturdy. This braided sheath doesn't bend or break, is immune to developing kinks and can survive long and heavy-duty usage. All of these charger cables have completely tangle free designs making them ideal for travel as well. Those who are looking for fast and safe chargers should go for AOFU. While they may be on the expensive side, they are more than worth the price.

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