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Best Mobile Messaging Apps

by Kyle B.

Best Mobile Messaging Apps, Best Messenger App

Best Mobile Messaging Apps

Messaging has surpassed email for communication. Mobile messaging apps now incorporate social networking features. They have better security. Best of all, they compete with each other to provide free texting and mobile calling services.

Granted, the most well-known apps are subsidiaries of large technology companies like Apple's FaceTime and Facebook Messenger. Skype continues to dominate the calling field. However, the scenario is swiftly changing. Many new apps are being introduced and some appear to have a lot of promise. They all provide free video calling or voice services. Mobile texting also comes free over the data plan subscribed by the user or over the Wi-Fi.


This is the most popular mobile messaging app of all. It is crafted for smartphones and tablets. Users can send text messages. They can also make calls online. The workings of the app can be easily understood and it is not "overwhelming" to look at. You can type in a status to make everyone read and not send the same message individually to your contact list. Group messaging is possible with up to 250 phone users. You can send files as big as 100 MB. Location can be shared with recipients and you can see where the other person is on the map as the latter is in-built. You can send voice recordings instead of text. Files can be shared both from the phone and the computer.

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This messaging app works between phones, computers, and tablets. Any Viber user, independent of that person's location, could call and text another completely free. The list of unique features includes the ability to reply and like group conversations messages. The user can take advantage of the GIFs and built-in stickers. It also has the option to send any number of short video messages. The extensions feature allows the sharing of music and video in the chat window. Money can be sent via the app. Viber also has the "Communities" feature. These are group conversations which may contain any number of members. There are no restrictions. You can make cheap phone calls to non-Viber phones. You can share the GPS location inside conversations. You can also join the public chat channels.

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The principal difference between Snapchat and other mobile apps is the disappearing multimedia messages. Any message you send will delete itself after a fixed amount of time. You can determine the interval between the message being seen and the time it destroys itself. This short-lived messaging feature made the app extremely popular and controversial too. You can store your private photos in this app.

You can send text messages sans any pictures. The recipient must save text inside the chat box. Not doing this will make the text disappear after you close the window. You can send photos inside the chat box so that the recipient can save them as well. The app can read QR codes. You can make chatting more fun by using personalized cartoon avatars.

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This is a cloud-centric messaging service which enables quick and secure messages. You can access it from all devices and has a number of excellent features. The advantage of using Telegram is that you can delete and also edit messages after they have been sent. It supports audio calls as well. The Secret Chat features enable you to send timed messages which will automatically get deleted after that amount of time gets over after the message is read by the recipient. Files can be sent and location sharing. You can use the themes provided to change the appearance of the app. A number of stickers are available for use.

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