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5 Best Consumer Cellular Companies!

by Keren P.

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5 Best Mobile Phone Companies

The mobile phone has become an essential part of our lives, and everyone likes to have the best mobile phone with all features. So, which are the best mobile phones and which are the best mobile phone companies? Read on to know.

Nokia used to be the leader among all the mobile phone companies, but Samsung took over from Nokia a few years back. Its lead was challenged by a number of other companies from China. So which is the number one mobile company today?

1. Samsung

At the number one position, we have Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant. Samsung has been on top for many years now. After a slight setback, because of safety issues with some of its phone, Samsung is back at the top. It has a 20.9% market share and is the number one mobile phone company in the world. In 2017, Samsung sold 317.3 million smartphones worldwide. Samsung would be launching the Galaxy S9 which it hopes will help it to consolidate its lead in the market.

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2. Huawei

The Chinese smartphone companies have been performing very well and are aggressively moving ahead in the market. Huawei, one of the top Chinese mobile manufacturing companies is at the number 2 position in the list of top mobile phone companies. It has shipped 54.2 million phones in the world this year. Its market share is at 15.9%. It has witnessed a growth of nearly 40%.  Its Honor brand of phones has helped it to move to the top list.

3. Apple

One of the most reputed brands Apple is at number 3 on the list of top smartphone companies in the world. For many years now, Apple has carved a niche for itself. While all mobile phones operate in the Android environment, Apple has its own iOS operating system and stands in a unique position.

The relentless influx of new products by Apple with enhanced features has helped it to remain in the top 5, even though its price may be more compared to other mobile phone companies. The company has shipped  41.2 million iPhones this year. In terms of growth, it's very modest with a marginal growth of 0.7% over the previous year. The company though enjoys a 12.1% market share. New products are expected to help Apple do well this year.

 4. Xiaomi

Yet another Chinese mobile phone manufacturer is in the top 5 list. Xiaomi is in the fourth position in the list of top 5 mobile phone companies. The Redmi and Mi series of phones have done exceedingly well, especially in Asia, which has helped the company to get the fourth spot. The company has a global market share of 9.3%. It has shipped 31.9 million phones this year. The company has seen a 59% growth in its revenue this year. Xiaomi went public in July this year. The company is known for its low-cost mobile phones. It is expected to come out with higher priced top-end models, which could help to boost its revenues.


5. Oppo

At number 5 on the list of top mobile phone companies, is yet another Chinese company Oppo. The company has shipped 29.4 million devices this year. It has seen a modest growth of 5.1% this year. The company is aggressively expanding into new markets and is targetting Africa and the Middle East. Its rapid expansion has helped it to perform well and be among the top mobile companies in the world.

Of the top mobile phone companies, three are from China and one is a South Korean company. There is intense competition in the mobile phone sector, which will intensify as these companies diversify and bring out new brands. The beneficiary is the consumer who is sitting pretty with a lot of options.

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