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Best Movie Streaming Apps for Your Viewing Pleasure

by Toni S.

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Free Movie Streaming Apps You Will Love

If you are looking for an app (or multiple) to stream and watch movies online, then you will discover a large number of apps which free stream movies into your chosen device. The majority of the movie streaming apps mentioned in the following list do not store movies on their own web servers but search the web directory to stream not only movies but also television shows.

You can see what you want on your smartphone or tablet. If you are a busy person, these apps are perhaps the only way to see your chosen movies. You enjoy a choice of multiple genres including horror, family. Comedy, drama, and even documentaries. There is indeed something for everyone.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

This app supports almost all devices, including most smartphones, a majority of smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming players. Yes, you can see your movie in a standard web browser. The interface can be easily navigated, and videos stream easily.

There is no need to log in to enjoy movies, but the option to do exists. Crackle loads quickly and you enjoy a free account that comes with data storage. It supports HD quality viewing, and you can select from a substantial library of movies from Sony production house and its associated partners.



The Tubi app appears to look identical to its desktop website but optimized for mobile. This last feature helps you to navigate intuitively and painlessly. The top portion of the app has the same featured films which scroll over the top area of the website. A mix of genres is seen in the scroll list. This particular app has many movies which are hard to find anywhere else. The app caters to all age groups.

There is no need to subscribe to enjoy its offerings. The Tubi TV app has some content to provide for everybody including comedy, classics, drama, and kids. You can view Korean dramas too along with popular British series. The app supports Xbox, smart TVs, Roku, and Chromecast. You can continue watching from where you last switched off in any device. All content is legal, and there is high-quality free streaming.



This is arguably the most popular free movie app online. The popularity is due to its easy navigation and smooth UI. The user enjoys many features at no extra cost. The Showbox app is touted as the best online streaming app with numerous features being provided to the user free of cost.

The app is the best substitute for the paid Netflix app. The Showbox HD app indexes many torrent search clients. Quite a few websites are indexed to stream movies along with other content with free of cost. Best of all, there are no annoying advertisements.



This free movie app works on selected devices but it is, in reality, a handy app which points you in the direction to watch free movies of your choice. The movies can be filtered in many methods, like premiere date, and MPAA rating. The genre is also taken into account.

Yet another option is that you can filter movies by the app so that you can locate free movies or the ones which are readily available in that apps which are already present in your phone or the chosen device. It is to be noted that since a majority of movies are not hosted on the Yidio website, you will be instructed on which app to install to watch that specific movie. This could be Hulu or even Sony Crackle. You enjoy a lot of filtering options.



The VUDU movie streaming app is mostly known for offering movies you can purchase. If you want to watch movies for free on Vudu, you can do so, but know that you will be interrupted by the occasional ad. To watch free content, open the FREE page at the bottom of the app. You can also look for movies that are labeled as FREE WITH ADS, and choose the ones you want to watch.

Terrarium TV
Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is yet another one of the best movie streaming apps these days; the app has a sleak interface and great UI. The app is most suitable for Android devices, but if you have an Emulator, you will be able to use Terrarium TV on other devices. The app offers a mind-boggling 10,000+ TV shows and programs that you can watch wherever you are. Another great thing about Terrarium TV is that hosts its content on cloud services and other drives. In case you have problems with the app, you can use a VPN service while using it to fix the issues.  

Since this is a list of movie streaming apps, VUDU is also available as an app. You can download the VUDU app from the Apple store or the Google Play store, and watch movies on the go with your mobile devices. The app also works well with Chromecast, so the viewing options are pretty diverse with this streaming app.


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