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Best News Websites to Get the Latest News

by Rhon A.

Best News Websites, News Websites

Best News Websites to Get the Latest News

The effects of the ongoing Coronavirus disease pandemic are not unbeknownst to anyone in the entire world. The disease is highly contagious as the virus can spread through physical contact with the infected person and through a cough or sneeze droplets.

The other thing that spreads even faster than the virus is rumors and such rumors can create panic among the masses.

When you type 'Coronavirus' in your Google search bar, the first results include the CDC website and links to websites of various state health departments. Other than government sources, some other private news sources are also there. So, at this time when you get thousands of websites just on a single click, it becomes very difficult to choose the correct source of information. Through this article, we will attempt to make this daunting task a bit easier for you.

Best News Websites
What are the Primary sources?

World Health Organisation

The World Health organization is daily updating about the cases of Coronavirus along with the symptoms, measures required for testing and it is also showing numerous guidelines 4 National level Health agencies.

If you want to avoid any kind of misinformation then WHO comes first because of the team of experts and diplomats that has.

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center

The world-class research conducted by the researchers at Johns Hopkins University is not unbeknownst to us. The University's team of medical experts is at the forefront of providing information about the cases of Coronavirus worldwide.

It is serving as a primary source of information for many news agencies as well.

At the country level, it provides a state-wise breakup of the cases.

Government Sources

The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is regularly updating the stats of the COVID-19 cases in the United States of America.

It covers the information of all the 50 states and four other jurisdictions viz, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands.

The CDC gets state-wise information from the various departments of health from all different states.

Clash in information

The number of cases shown by the CDC is always less than the JHU. Here the question arises is whom to trust and whom to not!

If we consider the regularity of updating the numbers then Johns Hopkins University serves as a better source of information.

Also, there are always chances that the government is trying to hide the actual number of cases to cover up its inability to deal with the situation to create less panic among the citizens.

The private news outlets

There are some news sources or agencies in our country which are internationally-acclaimed for safeguarding the ethics of Journalism. The journalists associated with these agencies are working hard in the times of the pandemic and are putting their lives at risk to make correct information available to us.

News Websites
Wall Street journal

It is one of the most unbiased news agencies on a global level.

At the time of this crisis, it is recommended because of the rational opinions it provides. It maintains the relationship between a journalist and the reader by opening a window for questions by the readers.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post is seen as a bit critical of the Trump administration but the news it provides has a substantial ground.

The New York Times

The New York Times runs a live page for updating the cases of Coronavirus on a minute-to-minute basis.


Sometimes it becomes hard to believe the media in one's own country because it is considered that they get easily influenced by the administration so considering a foreign network for news becomes important.

BBC always provides it's news with evidence I know it is reporting the coronavirus crisis with very high precision.


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