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Online Currency Converter Sites that Provide the Best Services!

by Rick J.

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Best Websites to Convert Currency

With the growth of remote working most workers often get paid in different currencies. This makes it essential that you keep track of the latest currency exchange rates. There are some sites that help you find out the day to day currency exchange values which are very handy in the world of the internet.

Here is a list of 10 websites that will help you convert foreign currency into your own or vice versa.


XE is one of the most popular tools on the internet for foreign exchange. It has an outstanding cross rate chart that usually gets updated on its own — the XE trade processes over billions of dollars for their various clients. It is a site that is quick to load and can usually be updated frequently almost every minute. This is also the most used website for converting currency.


Oanda currency converter exchange rates give the best internet based forex trading and currency information. This site uses innovative financial and computer technologies. It is very simple to use and easy to understand website that also gives you historical rates that you can navigate through with just a few simple buttons. It converts the rates of currencies quickly and also provides conversions of around 160 currencies.

Currency Converter

This website also provides easy conversion and fast comparison. It also has conversion tools that are easy to use and added to a site free of cost. This website is also equipped with a currency calculator that can be used for large sites.

CoinMill Converter

CoinMill converter keeps updating its exchange rates from various sources. This is a quick and straightforward currency converter. One of the main features on this website is that it provides a list of currencies out of which any currency can be chosen and converted to any other currency on the site. The conversions are simultaneous, and you can do all of this at the mere click of a button.


The website can convert the currency quickly, and it is effortless to use. However, this may not be the most effective tool to use as it only has a few currencies. You are limited to just five currencies. If your aim is finding a website that is fast and simple to use this is the top one for you.

This website keeps track of all current as well as historical exchange rates for over 108 currencies. These rates are automatically updated every day. The website converter from this website can be present on hundreds of other websites which makes it very easy to use. This site offers a tiny as well as full currency converter that can be customized to the needs of your website.

online Currency Converter
Currency Converter

This is another currency converter that can be easily added to any website, all you have to do is add a small bit of javascript to the HTML code of the site. It can also store and maintain historical data for a week, and it also has historical charts for currencies. The rates here are often updated every 5 minutes.

This website provides you with a basic as well as an advanced converter. It also has a single column converter that can be used according to the needs of the user. Like other sites, it also maintains historical rates, equivalence sheets and historical comparisons of the currency exchange rates. It is a fast site that is usually updated daily the only drawback is that it provides only a few services that are free.

International Currency Converter

This website provides the exchange rates for around 270 countries and is updated daily. This site continually runs popular currency exchange rates, and it tops and maintains the Cross-Currency table to be updated every half an hour.


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